Update -29/02/16

So my computers back at last! I pretty much spent all the donation money on a new hard drive and OS, but it’s finally sorted. What’s more? My computers even faster than before, so translating is a lot more fun now.

I’ll be posting I can speak tomorrow, then weapons cheat on Wednesday. I have 2 coursework deadlines (Computing & Physics) this week so I’m already busy xD

I’m still looking for translators, you don’t need any experience. If you don’t know who to translate normally, I can teach you how to MTL. This will help me out a lot as if a problem like this happens again, you can cover for the days I miss.

Weapon’s Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 3


Ok, quick explanation. I accidentally posted chapter 4, but named it chapter 3. So you guys read a chapter ahead cause of my mistake, sorry :O

This chapter is the real chapter 3, the one you read is chapter 4. This will help explain why Kazuya got that report and why he asked if he could help Iris.

Here’s the link!

Present :D

Hey guys o/

Again, apologies for neglecting translating recently, I’ve had tonnes of coursework to do.

However, starting tomorrow the schedule is back and in full force! Not only that but, until I’ve finished translating all remaining donated chapters, you will be getting two releases of each series every day!

Tuesday -> Weapon’s cheat (2 Chapters)

Wednesday -> I can speak (2 Chapters)

Thursday -> Upper world (2 Chapters)

Then it repeats…

I hope this will make up for it ­čśÇ


Ok, I have good news and bad news.

Bad News:


Yes, you’re seeing that right. My hard drive has crashed. Luckily I store my translations online, sadly it’s unbelievably difficult to translate using my phone.

Good News:

Thanks to everyone’s donations I have ordered a new one that should be here soon. Then I’ll work none stop to get the backed up chapters out!

Update 15/02/2016

Sorry for the lack of releases these past two days! I also translate for Raising the Dead and I haven’t caught up on work yet xD

I still have around 12-14 donated chapters to release, all of which will be done before the weeks end.

There might also be a new series appearing soon, but the chapters are incredibly long so I don’t know if I’ll continue.

That’s all folks!