New series is being translated!

Hey guys o/

I picked up an old series from 2013 that no-one has translated yet, it seems interesting so i’ll be posting it every three days or every other day. The schedule for “Lower World” won’t change, it will still be every day.

The series is called “Modern weapon cheat in another world”. It follows a man who gets sent to another world after he dies, he gains the ability to summon any weapon, infantry, aircraft, ships, he likes. It’s a harem story, with Yanderes 😉 The world itself is filled with swords and magic, so it’ll be cool to see how it plays out with guns.

The first chapter has been translated already by me, but i’m going to post it tomorrow as it still needs editing.

Other than that, see you tomorrow for a release of this series and chapter 5 of lower world.



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