I can speak – Chapter 3


Thanks for your donation of £10 anonymous! Here’s the promised chapter, it’s starting to get interesting now.

Here’s the link 😀

On a side note modern weapons and upper world are also getting a chapter tonight as per the schedule. “I can speak – chapter 4” will be released tomorrow as per the schedule (So 3 days straight of i can speak xD)



4 thoughts on “I can speak – Chapter 3

  1.  /\_/\
    ( -THANKS- )
     \ NEPU /
    ♥♥ \ /
     + ⊂⊃
      ∧_∧ +


  2. 「Maretawa’s child」(TLN: Sorry, not sure about this, i’ll retry it later “――まれたわ”)
    「Yes, it seems that this child is yours」
    「–my child」
    「You have――」


    well unless you know japanese or this part comes up again for some reason.
    you would only be able to easily guess the last 2 if you don’t know japanese.


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