Present :D

Hey guys o/

Again, apologies for neglecting translating recently, I’ve had tonnes of coursework to do.

However, starting tomorrow the schedule is back and in full force! Not only that but, until I’ve finished translating all remaining donated chapters, you will be getting two releases of each series every day!

Tuesday -> Weapon’s cheat (2 Chapters)

Wednesday -> I can speak (2 Chapters)

Thursday -> Upper world (2 Chapters)

Then it repeats…

I hope this will make up for it 😀


10 thoughts on “Present :D

  1. I think you should drop I can speak for now man, it is too much work for you and causes too less chapters of other two series to release too. it is a lose-lose situation xD you could instead get rest or translate the other 2 series if you want to. just my opininon though

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  2. well, well, well… look who the cat dragged in. Welcome back! i may not be a frequent commentor but i am reading the Modern Weapons Cheat story. I think i have read it at least 3 times (yes i know this is not a lot but i hardly reread anything.) I enjoy what you are doing here and wish you the best of luck for what is to come. Also thank you for coming back, I am glad you got yourself all sorted out. And dont push yourself too hard. And i have a couple of questions, the first is what do you use to translate these stories? and the second is where can i get it?

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    an Anonymous reader


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