Update -29/02/16

So my computers back at last! I pretty much spent all the donation money on a new hard drive and OS, but it’s finally sorted. What’s more? My computers even faster than before, so translating is a lot more fun now.

I’ll be posting I can speak tomorrow, then weapons cheat on Wednesday. I have 2 coursework deadlines (Computing & Physics) this week so I’m already busy xD

I’m still looking for translators, you don’t need any experience. If you don’t know who to translate normally, I can teach you how to MTL. This will help me out a lot as if a problem like this happens again, you can cover for the days I miss.


14 thoughts on “Update -29/02/16

    • I think he said either or. So he will teach you MTL (if you need it) so you can help. Additionally I would like to help (although I’m more of a lazy leecher who will admit his faults, I’ll help where/when I can/am able to kill my lazy enough to do it).

      P.S. I love “()”….and I’m a semi-Grammar Nazi.


  1. hey. why not you focuss to weapon cheat is interisting wn you know. we don’t have many wn like this one. oh so when next chapter will update. thanx


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