New schedule

Hey guys o/

Finalised a schedule over the weekend that should work as planned

Monday – Modern Weapons

Tuesday – I can speak

Wednesday – Upper world

Thursday – Modern Weapons

Friday – I can speak

Saturday – Upper World

Sunday – Heavenly Tribulation/Healer

* Heavenly Tribulation may get extra chapters a week, but generally it’s two chapters per series per week

** Healer is about 50% done, for some reason it talks about chickens for half of it (No joke). So I’ve been stalling it a bit.

Delays again O.O#

Sorry about this guys. This is my last week at college before we break up for 2 weeks, exams are in 6 weeks so they’re hitting us hard.

There will be a post tomorrow on Tuesday.

There won’t be one on Wednesday, as it’s my god-daughters birthday party.

There will be one on Thursday.

There won’t be one on Friday as it will be my final submission deadline.

However, once the holidays begin. I’ll be posting as much as I can, often double chapters. I’ll get the donated chapters completely cleared before the end of the holidays.

Back to normal

Thanks for the kind words guys! Managed to recover somewhat, I have a cough left; but it should be ok.

Thursday and Friday I will release the next chapters of Weapons cheat.

Saturday will be Healer.

Sunday will be I can speak.

Heavenly tribulation will be posted in-between.

I still desperately need translators xD Give me a message if interested.