Update – 04/02/2016

Will be posting Weapons cheat tomorrow. I skipped chapter 4.5 for now, chapter 5 is VERY long. I was gonna do it in one night, but I ran out of time. It’s about halfway done.

After Weapons cheat, I think I’ll post another healer tomorrow. Then on Sunday I’ll post I can speak.

Everything’s working now! I tried to install windows, but my .iso was corrupt. So I lost both linux and windows. Then I set up a USB to boot the .iso and it worked! but I only allocated 50GB to my drive partition. Because it wouldn’t let me extend it, I had to format my drive for the fifth time. Finally it’s all installed with 900GB space left. That’s the main reason I’ve been unable to post, I wanted my apps, but Linux doesn’t support them, so I needed to install windows.

Also, my Physics coursework is finally done and my computer science coursework ends this month. So I finally have free time.

For people who are interested in translating. I’ll message you tomorrow morning with around 50 lines of RAW text. For those who want to MTL, I’ll send you the necessary links and tools. It IS possible to translate without installing anything if you like. Any phrases or words you get stuck on, feel free to message me. I’ll might make a small guidebook of things to look for.


2 thoughts on “Update – 04/02/2016

  1. okay. it’s just sugestion. if you can don’t extend memories it’s will give you headache later. thanxs for info.
    ( it bad with your healt if you pust yourself to hard)


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