Hey guys o/

We’ve got some forums set up for discussions. Currently, we’re using it so that translators and editors can share information and help each other out. However, we decided to give it another use and allow readers to discuss chapters there.

Sign up is optional. So don’t feel forced to sign up. You can still post as a guest, but there are some restrictions.

Here’s the link!

Donators will receive an email from me in the coming days, giving them access to the “Donator’s Corner”. They can then post suggestions, as well as suggest new series in there*. It will allow them an easier way to make contact with the translators of their favorite project.

On a side note, double release today. Heavenly tribulation chapter 2 and I can speak chapter 8.

*Donator’s suggestions take precedence over all other readers, however this does not mean that your suggestions won’t be picked.


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