Read below edit!!

Hey guys o/

Sorry if it seemed like I’d disappeared. I fell really ill over the weekend and couldn’t even get out of bed. I’m still pretty ill, but weapons cheat should be out tonight. Then 2 healer chapters this week (since I missed the deadline because of illness O.O#)

Also, forums are back now. I’ve banned the spammers, if it happens again I’ll have to make it so that you need to confirm your email address before posting. I didn’t want to do that, because I wanted people to freely share and talk about the novels.

Ah well.

See you tonight!

Edit: Make that tomorrow instead. I didn’t sleep over the weekend at all and I’ve just been hit with exhaustion all at once. I have alot of frees at college and the next modern wep chapter is VERY long. So I’ll spend some extra time on it.


5 thoughts on “Illness

  1. hey if you ill just take rest. forget it just take some rest & call a doctor. just take holiday from translating novel. dont worry reader will wait for you.


  2. yea please don’t overwork yourself. We like you completing the novels but we can wait. if you fall sick and dont get better then the series may be dropped!!!! (yes i know that is an extreme scenario) PLEASE focus on your health. We will be patiently waiting for you to get better.


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