Delays again O.O#

Sorry about this guys. This is my last week at college before we break up for 2 weeks, exams are in 6 weeks so they’re hitting us hard.

There will be a post tomorrow on Tuesday.

There won’t be one on Wednesday, as it’s my god-daughters birthday party.

There will be one on Thursday.

There won’t be one on Friday as it will be my final submission deadline.

However, once the holidays begin. I’ll be posting as much as I can, often double chapters. I’ll get the donated chapters completely cleared before the end of the holidays.


2 thoughts on “Delays again O.O#

  1. Again, your life is important. You are stepping in and filling in shoes here but trying to keep up a life too. Sometimes shit happens as well. So do what you need to. you can always come back here. I know I will welcome you when you come back. and i am sure many unspoken readers will be too. So go live life to the fullest! We will be waiting here for when you get back!


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