Hey guys o/

I forgot to mention, but you might have noticed that the forums are offline.

Basically, I got more traffic than I expected and I exceeded my very large limit on hostinger, so they shut my site down -__-

I’ll try and move hosts and set it up again, otherwise I’ll create a chat room where you can either talk about the projects or chat to me directly



7 thoughts on “Forums

    • Yeah feel free, but it was used for another purpose. I shared my chapters on their so the editors could work with it.

      Also, the posts I make are set as an RSS feed to aho updates. I don’t want too many “Informational” posts to go up there.

      But for now, we’ll keep it as comments only xD

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    • They suspended my domain because I was getting over a thousand visitors a day.

      I was using a shared server to cut down on costs. It’s not designed for large server loads, I only expected maybe a few hundred people would actually check it out, but I was underestimating it, so it was my fault really O.O#

      It wasn’t really a huge loss, I just wanted a place where people could be updated on news. I don’t like to make posts, because I have an RSS feed linked to aho updates that publishes every post I make and I only want chapter releases to appear there. I might use a chat box thing instead.


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