Weapons cheat tomorrow

Thanks for the £20 donation! I’ll start posting tomorrow.

Today was mental, got up late and skipped breakfast. Then Surprise Psychology exam as well as a surprise Physics exam. It was topped off nicely by me being late home and missing dinner (I usually leave college early to get dinner, but I had to do the Physics exam. I don’t get any if the time is around 4pm since it’s when everyone’s going home and it gets too busy)

Now I’ve got around six hours of work to do before tomorrow. So I’ll be posting tonight.

I’m pretty sure you guys are already up to date on this, but here’s some stuff to watch/read in the mean time.


  • Sousei no onmyouji -> I’m reading the manga and honestly, I really enjoy this. The MC is waaay too overpowered. There’s also decent romance (But obviously he’s dense) the anime is pretty close to the manga.
  • Bungou stray dogs -> Funny, but awkward at times. It’s a nice mix of wacky comedy and action. I’m starting to read the manga now.
  • Seisen Cerberus -> Extremely awkward at times. The MC is a chuuni -_- but the heroine in this seems cool, I can’t wait to see how it goes.
  • Hundred -> Stereotypical high school battle harem novel. Pretty fun though. I like the whole “berserk” element to it. Where he loses control and becomes OP for a short while.
  • Gakusen toshi asterisk -> Not gonna go into details. Another battle high school harem thing. I find it much better than hundred though. I’ve read ahead and yes, the MC gets more OP later on.
  • RE:Zero -> I don’t remember much about the manga for this. But I’m impressed the MC is still sane after dying god knows how many times.
  • Netoge no yome -> Echii harem anime. It’s worth a look!
  • Big Order -> Anime isn’t out yet (In one more day) but the MC has an incredibly OP power.
  • Hyoka -> Just watch it already!!!!! It’s one of my favourites 🙂


  • All of the above anime xD
  • Aizawa-san zoushoku -> Romance manga where they start out in a relationship (whaaaatt????) she has the ability to split into different copies of herself with different personalities and styles e.g (Loli, pervert, shy) and they all have the same feelings for him.
  • Gun x Clover -> If you haven’t read this yet I’m pretty disappointed :O I was sceptical at first because the MC looked like a weak kid. But he’s actually hiding a bad ass secret. For those who have read it, you should look up how old he really is. Then you’ll realise why he keeps saying he’s not a “lolicon”
  • Soukyuu no Lapis Lazuli -> It’s an LN, but they made a short manga adaptation. I recommend this, even though it’s short.
  • Kanokon -> Surprisingly cool. There is romance, a few sex scenes….. MC is a shota though, kinda ruins the mood slightly. But it somehow redeems itself.

There’s many more, but I deleted mangafox from my phone so I lost all my favourites 😦


5 thoughts on “Weapons cheat tomorrow

    • In all seriousness, it will be posted today.

      Since I’ve just come back from a 2 week Easter break and I have 3 weeks left until my final exams, I have tonnes of work to do and catch up on.

      Due to me taking a lot of subjects, I have a higher chance of something unexpected happening. So I often have to prioritise my college work instead.

      However, since this is the end of the week. I have no more work to do except revision, so I’ll post today. This is why I was asking for translators to join, since I’m really busy and often have to translate until 2AM.


  1. If I could support all the TLers, editors, and LN authors I like, I’d go broke. But, that doesn’t stop me from giving a bit of what i have, when I can.

    I hope you guys understand that we, the readers, appreciate the works you all do on this site.

    Thank you.


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