.Girl Corps – Chapter 2.

Hey guys o/

It’s finally getting interesting, we’ve got our first heroine. Weapons cheat tomorrow.

Here’s the link!


11 thoughts on “.Girl Corps – Chapter 2.

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  2. Thank God my smartphone can access wordpress. I can’t help but feel that this series has a lot of potential. It doesn’t seem like the type of self fulfillment fantasy that some stories are, but is seriously self-awareness of the rediculous setting it is in and is poking fun at itself.


  3. Can you make some progress bar or make report post for chapter progress? I find it hard to bite on your update promise. No hard felling k.


    • I’ll try, but I never promise when releases will be. Also, if you look at the donations page, one of my three statements is

      “I may have to slow down translating during some months as currently, I’m translating until 2am/3am (I work until late at night at another job) then getting up for College after 3 hours of sleep.”

      I’m not trying to be mean to you guys, but I have exams in three weeks which determine my entire future, so I can’t afford to be translating until the early morning.

      Also, the daily schedule’s a little messed up right now, because I’m trying to clear the weapons cheat chapters, but the new arc (fort city) has chapters double the original length of previous chapters. From 1,200 – 1,600 words to 2,400 – 3,000 words. I also read up on all the weaponry and post TLN’s so you guys can understand without searching. Overall it takes around 3 hours of non-stop work.

      I can post a definite today though, the new weapons cheat chapter will be posted within 3 hours starting from now. Sorry if it’s annoying like this :S


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