Update – 28/04/16

Modern Weapons cheat will be out tomorrow morning (Around 9/10am GMT), it’s slightly delayed because I was confused about the contents of the chapter.

Basically, The capital of the Canary Kingdom is known as the “Imperial City”, see the problem? I was getting confused with the Imperial Army from the magic kingdom. So I was wondering when Kazuya sent soldiers to the Imperial City since they were his enemy. I reread the previous chapter then checked my translations. It took me way too long to figure this out and I ran out of time to finish it. It’s currently 60% translated.

I managed to read it all the way through and the ending of that chapter is fantastic, Iris is introduced again in this chapter so look forward to it!

Oh! That’s right. There will technically be two chapters tomorrow. One in the morning and one at night. Not sure if they’ll both be modern weapons though.

Night o/


2 thoughts on “Update – 28/04/16

  1. hope the 2nd chap ‘ll be another Wea.Cheat :p
    Upper World story seems too smooth while MC in I Can Speak seems a litle idiot at times =))


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