Interesting Website Stats

Chronon: Sorry, two posts tonight instead. Took a nap and woke up at 5am feeling like hell. The next weapons cheat chapter might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the majority of it is just Queen Isabella discussing what to do about Parabellum with the nobles and aristocrats.

Thought I’d post these stats because they seem pretty interesting to me:

  • Total views: 696,862
  • Total posts and pages: 151 (This seems way too high? Might be from the chapters of other series I published, but didn’t link)
  • Total translated chapters: 49
  • Average monthly views: 231,874
  • Country who has viewed the site the most: United States
  • Total likes: 1,210
  • Total comments: 1,271
  • Unique Visitors: 100,485
  • Most popular series: Modern Weapons Cheat (By a huge margin)
  • Second most popular series: Upper world (No joke)
  • Most popular referrer: Novel Updates
  • Highest commenter: ME! MWAH HA HA with 109 comments
  • Second highest commenter: GM_Rusaku! with 43 comments
  • Site followers: 248

I’m very pleased with these stats 😀 I’ve only been translating for maybe 2/3 months, yet the site has this many views/followers.

As a side note, I’m getting my Mayoi Neko Overrun novel today. I sent it to a friend since I couldn’t collect it due to college. You should see some chapters of it posted soon.




10 thoughts on “Interesting Website Stats

    • Seriously the power of Nepu is everywhere. Honestly reminds of the High Priest guy from Evil God Average, he spread the cursed Holy Scripture with amazing vigour and passion, GM_Rusaku spreads … Unlimited Nepu Works!? lol knows but I think he should create a page on his wordpress showing all the currently revealed Nepu


      • Or maybe the translators could start collecting them on a special page of their own. Then we could make a forum where they can brag about having rare Nepu, or start Nepu battles with captured Nepu… XD


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