.I bought a girl – EXTRA 1.

I bought a girl – EXTRA 1

Chronon: o/ Sorry this is the only post tonight. If you wanna know why, here’s the email I received from my teacher (Explanation below the image)


Basically, I pulled an all-nighter to get my coursework done that was in for today. I was told that it needed to be in for today at 3pm.

But then at the end of this day, we were all sent this stating that the deadline is tomorrow at noon. Also, if we don’t get at least 50 marks, they’ll refuse to send our coursework off :O

I only have 40 pages of coursework right now, so I’m behind by a bit. If I manage to finish my coursework in a few hours. I’ll post modern weapons cheat, don’t be disheartened!


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