Update 02/06/2016

Hey guys o/

Thanks to Egan for reminding me about this. The donation buttons have been temporarily removed as it’s unfair if you donate then I take a while to release due to exams. Those who have already donated will be getting their donated chapters at the end of the exam period.

I’m planning on doing a bulk release of modern weapon cheat and I can speak to animals and demons. I’ll be sure to clear my release schedule before the end of this month.

In other news, I’ve been considering switching to my own site. Not running off a sub-domain like this. There are many advantages to this.

  1. I am in complete control of how the website looks and feels. If there’s something on the site people want, I can deliver.
  2. Releases will be much faster. This is because my current system takes forever on wordpress. It’s basically: Paste the RAW into a page -> Edit the page -> Publish the page -> Make a new post -> Publish the post. Whereas I can code an application in C# that does all that instantly. So it would create a new page on the website, make a post and update the RSS feed with the click of a button.
  3. No ads!
  4. Widgets! Wonderful widgets! (Well wordpress had them, but only really premade ones)

Well, I won’t go ahead with it if you guys aren’t interested. Post your opinion in the comments section below.



16 thoughts on “Update 02/06/2016

  1. Well, actually, it’s not that inconvenient for us to wait, and hmm… some that switch to their own sites results in them being hard to follow? well, some of them, then there’s the also some sites being hard to load or surf? Oh, and lastly, the feel, I guess? it feels unwelcoming when I saw the original/first? being in wordpress then in another site…. Guess I just got too used with WordPress, and the things I’ve said are mostly negligible as it can be fixed, haha XD!


  2. no problem with switching sites as long as the content is open-able (what the hell is open-able… give my english a red mark)
    as long as you take care of your site(s) people will not complain. but a bit of suggestions, when your new site is up maybe you should put a poll asking readers about the background. i mean, i personally like darker background and white texts because it’s easier on my eyes =D


  3. Well, it’s okay as long as your website don’t take forever to load. (My country’s internet isn’t that fast.)


  4. Mmm don’t forget to update novelupdates after all that place is where i’m always looking 😛 , i was trying to start a website (wordpress) to translate to spanish! (from english) any advice? 🙂
    Good luck with the new site 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂

      As for advice. When you get your new site, comments have to be moderated. You can switch this off my going into [My Site -> Settings -> Discussion] Then un-select the box that says [Comments must be approved].

      Aside from that, translating directly into a “Page” is a good idea. It saves drafts every few minutes, so if your computer crashes, all the work will be saved. This is also useful if your hard drive crashes like mine.

      If you need any help with the site, feel free to email me at [admin@chronon.xyz]


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