The Last Dog of War – Prologue

Chronon: Hey guys o/ Glad to be back at last. There will be an actual translation update tomorrow, probably of “I bought a girl”. It was gonna be tonight, but then I remembered that I’m travelling up north to help a family member with some house improvement things. So I’ll probably be too tired to do a long translation.

Here’s the link!

Meanwhile, I’m still working on my original project “The gift from death”, but I had this one in my google docs folder so I thought I’d at least publish the prologue.

The story is gonna be dark, so be aware. Magic in this world works differently than in classic web novels, It’s not so easy to use and can corrupt your mind. There are other races that you’ll find out later.

The whole story follows a young teenager who had been adopted by the leader of a mercenary guild. After his comrades get wiped out during battle by a mysterious person, leaving just him alive. The MC then travels around the world saving people whilst all the while trying to find out exactly what happened that day.

Sorry if you guys were expecting something else, I’ll be posting many updates soon!


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