Modern Weapons – Re-Cap

Might do a re-cap for all series for you guys, might save you time.

Also, in Volume 3 Chapter 1, part 1 and part 2 haven’t been deleted. I just forgot to add the navigation menu, which I will do shortly.

Kazuya received his “Perfect Healing” ability when his soldiers killed one of the other-worlders. You can find out more in this chapter below. I called it “Complete Healing” in this one, but it doesn’t really matter, same thing.

Volume 1 Chapter 4

He first uses this ability in this chapter. He heals Sergeant Funasaka first, then the charred nun. Also, although there was no internal monologue about this, but there was someone who said “I’m tired” after the healing

Moreover, her skin returned to a flesh colour, it began to moisturise itself. Then, her hair grew back.



「….I’m tired」

Volume 2 Chapter 12

So it’s likely Kazuya’s healing ability can cause intense fatigue.

Moving on to alliances now. Kazuya had already signed an alliance with the Canary Kingdom by Volume 2 Chapter 16. The main reason being was so he could legally keep his offshore base in their territory.

Marquis Oliver is introduced in Volume 2 Chapter 17 where he asks Kazuya for help. There was no mention of the specifics of the alliance between him and the non-human alliance. It merely said

Although it was not a final decision. They decided to discuss the contents of the alliance for now.

So this is a little difficult to explain. The non-human alliance consists of demons, but also beast races and monster races. There was no previous mention of the demon king, but Kazuya goes into detail in Volume 3 Chapter 3 by stating that Marquis Oliver told him the demon king was injured.

I personally didn’t realise Ogres were demons, I thought they were monsters. Saying that, the author might be talking about Oni. Like Rem and Ram, who are technically Ogres as well.

Hope this clears some things up for you. If you have any questions leave a comment below.


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