Modern Weapons – V3C3 Notice

For those who wanted to see the untranslated parts, they’ve been translated. Dear God it was so difficult. Why did he have to be so specific?

Type 10 tanks using 120mm 44 calibre smooth bore guns made by Japan Steel Works which is 13% lighter than the one used by the M1 Abrams. 

I mean why?


11 thoughts on “Modern Weapons – V3C3 Notice

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  2. Sounds like the Author is trying spout his national pride for Japanese made Tanks. I like the details personally, I’d rather know what they’re using than be told “Generics.” On a side note while the Type 10 is a very decent tank by today’s standards though it still pales in comparison to the Abrams or the, it has nothing on an actual M1A2 honestly even Russia’s T-90 which is an upgraded T-72 still pales in comparison. Fact is the United States poured a ton of money into the development of the Abrams and while it’s more expensive to make than other tanks, it’s still regarded as the best tank in the world.


    • The Leopard II is often considered the best. The Abrams has a much shorter range than other MBTs, since it has a jet turbine engine instead of the usual diesel. It has a much higher top speed, which is nice when you’re retreating from invading Soviet tanks, but it doesn’t outweigh how fast it guzzles fuel, even when just idling.


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