I can speak – Chapter 14

Chronon: Sorry for the delay. Was helping my parents remove a large tree stump from their back garden using blunt axes and shovels. Ended up ripping my hands to shreds, which was fun. It took 5 hours and I could barely move afterwards -_-

On another note, there is ALOT of talking in this chapter. It makes up about 90% of it.

Modern weapons cheat tomorrow. Then upper world, then I bought a girl etc…

Such a random chapter. Just finished it and it’s all over the place. Hopefully the next one is better.


I followed the goblins to the central part of the forest. We were in formation with Gigi at the front and Zab at the back. Well, it would collapse if anything happened anyway.

The foliage surrounding the road was lush and dense. Because of this, barely any sunlight is showering through. I would easily get lost if I was on my own.

No birds have gotten close since I met the goblins, they are probably watching from afar.

『Walk, walk. Go steadily now』

Gigi is wading through the obstructive branches and plants to go into a bush that deviates from the road. Is it a short cut?

「Are we proceeding that way?」

『Yes, this is a short cut」

When I ask, Zab replies affirmatively and firmly nods.

I advance with two of them at the front raising cheerful voices.


「What happened?」

Suddenly, screams arose instead of their usual cheerful voice.

What could have happened? Did the orcs suddenly appear? However, It was when I shifted my gaze to where they were looking.
There, shifting their elongated bodies side to side, were two snakes.

「…It’s just a snake」

『Snakes have poison!』

Bell cries whilst standing on a log with Gigi. They seem to be readying a fighting stance, their lower backs are poised.

The snakes casually pass in front us.

「Well you guys don’t seem fierce. Do you have poison?」

『I don’t understand!』

『I don’t have poison』

A very feminine voice was heard. This snake seems to be female. Saying that, the other one seems to be male as he shows more male aggressive behaviour.

They don’t seem to see the goblins as enemies.

『Oh, so your the one who can speak with animals?』

『I’m relieved then』

『Did you talk to us because you were cautious of poison?』

「Yes yes」

After leaving the snakes behind, we continued onwards. (TLN: Really random short conversation)

『We have arrived at the lake』

Exiting the bushes, we were greeted by a large lake. The water was amazingly clear, making it easy to see the outlines of the fish swimming beneath it. Further down the lake, waterfowl were walking on water. Butterflies with many vivid colours were frolicking together.

It seems that creatures use this area as a rest stop.

『The water’s clean and the fish are delicious』

『The water is so beautiful』

「Wow, it is beautiful」

Whilst glancing at the amazing scenery, we continue walking along the lake.

Suddenly, I heard voices.

『Um…..it’s fine』

『This is the best weather to bask in the sun!』

From one of the ducks floating in the lake, a warm voice could be heard.

It does seem comfortable, yes. To lazily float in the water like that.

『On days like this I like to just float all day. Since swimming is tiring』

『There’s that. But floating is also graceful, better than desperately moving your feet』


『Well…..I like the feeling of surrendering to the water』

『I agree, It’s a good thing』

『Oh, a pond snail』

『Snail? Give it to me』

『I’ll find another one later, here』


They seem to be living a very nice, slow life. It it only me that thinks living such a life is bad?

『Ah, the water’s flowing』

『It’s too much effort to resist』

The duck’s voice seems to be losing strength.

Saying so, I haven’t eaten lately either. I’m hungry.

「Shall we take a little break here?」

『I’m certainly tired, and hungry.』

『I agree. Let’s rest under that tree』

『How nice』

「Shall we catch and cook some fish now?」

『『『Oh? Don’t you eat it raw?』』』

As expected of them, what a superb reply.

「No, human beings don’t have such strong stomachs. It needs to be cooked on a fire first」

『Is that so?』

「Well, it can be salted, but it’s usually cooked」

Is there salt in this world? Well, I don’t really know what to look for anyway.

『That sounds fun』

『I want to try』

The goblins bolted to the waterside with excited expressions.

They seem to be interested in grilled fish. However, I don’t know if goblins can eat it.

I sit down underneath the shade of the tree. It’s not a problem since I’m the cooking staff. After the fish is carried over here, I’ll begin working.

The three goblins looks very funny frolicking in the lake. It looks nice, but it’s a shame they’re not girls.

They seem to have got tired of playing around and began looking for fish.

『Hey! There!』

『Dive! Dive!』

『Ah! It went over there!』

Apparently they are trying to catch the fish with their bare hands, how very wild.

『Bell! Under your crotch!』

『Oh? Shit!』

It’s been 15 minutes and not one fish has been caught yet. I’m starting to get worried.

「Do you have one yet?」

『Just a little more! Please wait a moment!』

As I asked, I walked into the water with a splash.

Even if you say that, I doubt you’d catch one.

『The water’s shaking』

『Yeah. It’s pleasant』

The ducks from a little while ago are back.

Burying your face in your feathers whilst floating on the water looks very comfortable.

『Yosha! It’s game. Whoever can catch the most fish wins!』

Two large shadows loom over me as a pair of white pelicans fly by.

They flap their wings in the air whilst speaking.

『Who’ll go first?』

『Then. I’ll run up』

Saying that, one of the large pelicans begins to run up to the shore before diving into the water. It’s feathers fluttered messily due to the speed, as it opened it’s large beak.

『Yosha! Good catch!』

Looking at it. The pelican seems to have a large amount of fish in it’s beak.

『My turn! It’s my turn next!』

In the same way, the other pelican accelerates then descends..

It’s speed is a lot faster than the pelican from a short while ago.

『That speed!』



I uttered a cry of admiration as well. Now, how many has this pelican caught?


The packed beak of the pelican rises into the air somehow.

『You caught a turtle as well』

『Wow, it feels bad…..Ueeee』

『The fish! The fish are falling out!』

『Go! Catch them!』


The goblins seem to be trying to catch the fish the pelican is losing. They’re getting muddy though.

I’ll try and get the pelican to share.

「Pelican-san over there!」


Oh, both of them reacted.

「Would you please share your fish?」



『Oh! You can talk to us! I thought that was just a rumour!』

『Those little birds were telling the truth』

『Well, since we got to know this. We’ll share our fish with you』

Saying so, the pelican landed near me and laid out 5 of the fish.

「Thank you!」

『I don’t mind. We all have to help each other』

『Yes yes』


『Then, human child. Let’s meet again』

At that, the two pelicans fluttered their big wings and flew into the sky.

『Jed! A large one was caught!』

The goblins are running towards me holding a large fish.
Due to how muddy it is, it was probably the one the pelican dropped.

『Jed! This one is ours! You can’t take it!』


「That’s fine, these two small ones will do for me」

『Really!? You’re a really good guy!』

『Good guy』

『So happy!』

No I’m not a good guy. I’m a child so I don’t eat much. Also, that fish looks really bad, I wouldn’t want to eat it anyway.

「It’s finally cooked!」

『『『We’ll eat your leftovers as well!』』』

Well, I thought you would.


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  1. There’s specialized equipment for removing stumps, but i’m not really sure where you live, what type of forests you have, nor how close the closest forest machine / tractor vendor’s shop is where you could rent one.

    Other than that, you probably could’ve used a chainsaw to cut some of the pieces into smaller bits, and then tied something around them and tied that to a vehicle and pulled it out. Either way, it probably would’ve been easier than trying to ‘wrestle’ the entire thing up in one go.


    • I live in the UK. Houses are really close together. There’s not any room for vehicles or machinery. Also, we don’t have a chainsaw and the cost of one is too much right now.

      The tree had been there for at least 50 years or so. The roots were at least double the thickness of my forearm. It just refused to budge in the beginning. After 5 hours of work searching, digging and cutting. We finally managed to budge it. Then me and my dad worked together to rip it out.

      On the plus side, the cold beer after the work was probably the best tasting I’ve ever had.


      • It’s a shame you don’t live in a more rural area or I’d say just burn the stump down with hot coals. The UK rarely has droughts so it’s not as big of a fire hazard as where I live. Still, poorer farmers do this being careful to control the situation. It simple and very low tech, low effort. 🙂


      • As someone who lives in a mostly grey big city without much green in sight, I really would like to have that tree by my house. The smell of the air in the morning would be awesome. And we may be able to see small animals outside of natgeo channel.


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    • probably author’s mistake, or that japanese for poison and venom is the same. if it’s the same word then translator is at fault =p

      leavin aside faults whatsoever, thanks for the delicious chapter~


    • Poison is a catch all term that further breaks down into toxins(produced via skin/organs like the poison dart frog) and venom(delivery via fangs/claws/etc).

      So poison does work, though venom would also work.


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