Just a student…..that’s pretty much it.

I’m looking for translators and editor’s.

If you’re interested email me at: admin@chronon.xyz

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Chronon

    I, at the moment have started translating Doll Dungeon and got chapter 15 up… but I got told by Saekicchi about you translating it and i should probably contact you, so here I am please tell me if you are translating it or not

    Thank you


  2. Hi chronon, My name is Hilman, i read Modern Weapon cheat in another world english version on your blog. Right now, i am on a school project to translate story from english to indonesia, and i have to upload it on my personal blog. I’m asking permission to copy your work okay, so i could translate it manually, I will pin your translation blog’s link on it, so the reader on my (soon to be) personal blog can read read on your blog too.

    I hope you don’t mind chronon…

    thank you very much !

    p.s sorry for bad english hehe 😦


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