Chapter 1 – Reincarnation

TLN: Hey guys o/ Arbiten here. Thanks for reading this novel, the chapters are very short and it only takes about an hour per chapter. So expect quick releases!
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Clambering down the boisterous down town area, my face sank. The reason? I, Sanada Nobushige, will be turning 30 this year, from that point on i will no longer be young, but middle-aged.

My last name “Sanada” wasn’t chosen by chance, as i have history buff parents, they named me after a famous general during WWII. Though i fail to live up to that name. (TLN: General Sanada)

In the sports place where i was working, parties were held frequently.

The end of year party is also being held here. With employees sharing drinks, singing and fooling around. I couldn’t match the atmosphere and so retreated to my own corner.

The director didn’t seem to like my attitude and told me to [“Do something funny”]. but i found that unreasonable.

What do you think when people ask what your hobbies are? I usually tell people anime, novels and games, i’m an Otaku. Not wanting to ruin the atmosphere, i was worried about what to do. I couldn’t disobey an order from the director.

I couldn’t think of anything after all, so i decided to sing a song from a popular television series. I’m not a good singer at all, when i finished i could feel cold eyes on my back.

I looked at the face of the director to see if that was okay, but he was floating a nasty smile.

Shit! why did i have to go through such a thing?

The end of year party was coming to a close, so i gave my fellow colleagues a sidelong glance and hurried home.

I buy beer and snacks at a nearby convenience store and walk towards the apartment complex where i live. I open my beer and take sip whilst doing so.

At that time, i felt something strange and the ground beneath my feet disappeared. Although, i don’t understand why such a thing has happened? Was i disorientated because of the beer? No, there was no manhole lid on the ground where i always walk.


I fell into the hole and almost instantly lost consciousness.

…..after that, i noticed i was in a room six tatami wide, strangely there was neither a door nor a window. Something that seems to be a fluorescent light is shining over me, the room looks like a spaceship from some sort of anime.

Because i couldn’t understand the situation, for the time being i decided to examine the room for some sort of exit. Suddenly a woman’s voice was heard.

[Welcome, to the room of reincarnation]


What did she say? Reincarnation? Isn’t that the thing that often happens in light novels? Did i die?

[I can understand your doubt, but for now you must think of yourself as dead. Luckily, you have been given the chance to reincarnate]

Are you serious? Why would someone like me get that chance? Although i used to dream about such a thing happening, nothing ever came of it. However, what a stupid way to die. Falling down a manhole.

[It was not a manhole that you fell in, it was one of the many connections to the lower world that exist]

Lower world? I don’t understand.

[Simply put. The world is split into several layers. Aren’t world renowned geniuses rare in your world? Those people have been reincarnated from a higher layer to a lower one]

So the people who left their names behind in history, the inventor, the politician, the general and the artist. They were all reincarnated people? That’s such a cheat.

[When a person reincarnates from a higher world to a lower world, they can choose which world to go to. Because you fell into a lower world, you have the ability to choose also. What do you desire?]

Although i was initially confused, apparently it has already been decided that i would go to the other world. I would like to go to a world with swords and magic. There, i could be peerless.

[I’m retrieving it, please wait a moment…. I have found something. The world called “Acadia” matches your request. There exists human, demi-humans and something called a demon. The civilisation level is about 1,000 years earlier than the present day Earth.]

[That sounds good]

If there’s only one, i can’t do much deciding anyway.

[That talk is concluded. I will now read out your basic stats 『Power』, 『Speed』, 『Dexterity』, 『Defense』, 『Wisdom』, 『Luck』, aside from the offensive power, the defensive power and magic power are affected respectively. Your current status is like this.] (TLN: Sorry sound a little weird, I’ll re-edit when i get a better translation)

Suddenly, a status screen appears out of thin air. It looks like the message window in an Eroge, i got excited for a moment.

Level 1
HP 18/18
MP 8/8
Power 5
Speed 4
Dexterity 3
Defense 3
Wisdom 4
Luck 2
Skills possessed:

Yes. It’s low, nevertheless it seems to look like a certain famous RPG? By chance the person that made this……no, i’d better drop it.

[Next, please choose a skill. You can choose from the following.]

『HP Improvement』

『MP Improvement』

『Power Improvement』

『Speed Improvement』

『Dexterity Improvement』

『Wisdom Improvement』

『Defense Improvement』

『Luck Improvement』

『Experience Improvement』

[There’s not that many]

[Because it is only the beginning. As you level up you can acquire derivation skills. Moreover, when you level up you can gain a new skill. This choice is just for your first skill, which one do you choose?]

What should i do? I should raise attack and defense if i want to protect my body, but i was interested in the experience value boost as well. Although, if there is an upper bound to levels, i won’t really need that skill.

[Is there an upper bound to levels?]

[There is none, how strong you become is up to you]

Then it’s decided. It will be tough in the beginning, but it will really help out later on.

[I would like the experience boost]

[Understood. Your skill has been acquired]

Level 1
HP 18/18
MP 8/8
Power 5
Speed 4
Dexterity 3
Defense 3
Wisdom 4
Luck 2
Skills possessed:
Experience Boost: Level 1

It’s level 1, so skills have levels as well.

[Next, please choose an environment in which to reincarnate. Aristocrat, commoner, prosperous or poor. You can start from a baby, or from having grown up before hand. By the way, the only race you can choose is human]

That’s disappointing. I wanted to be born a good looking elf.

[Is there any difference in the chosen environment?]

[If you choose a disadvantageous environment, you will gain a privilege]

What? That’s terrible.

[What privilege?]

[It’s a secret]

So i’m not being told everything.

[Then family isn’t necessary. I want to be 15 years old. Also, please make the environment one which is easy to level up in]

To call strangers mother and father would be too difficult. It’s also troublesome to start again from a child.

[What will your name be?]

Perhaps having a Japanese name will stand out, i don’t want to draw any attention to myself…

[Est] (TLN: changed the name a second time)

I took the name from a motorcycle. I only have to use the name when introducing myself anyway.

[Understood. Then this is the end. Do you have any questions?]

It seemed too simple, but there was one thing i was worried about.

[Are you God?]

[I am the system built between worlds. Though the manager is called God, i am different. Then, please enjoy your new life.]

I was engulfed in light.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Reincarnation

  1. “My last name “Sanada” was not chosen by chance, as I have history buff parents, they named me after …”

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but would not it be the first name? I believe Nobushige is the family name.

    …….I’m using your translation to learn your language XD……


  2. Another stupid story where the MC somehow ‘Reincarnates’ into the body of an adult. Are all Japanese writers in the genre just lazy as fuck?


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