Chapter 2 – New Life

TLN: So this is the second chapter of this week (next week starts on monday). Since the chapters are really short, i may be able to extend to three chapters a week.


When the light settled, i was in a forest. As i hurriedly checked my body, i confirmed that my height and eye level were lower than usual. I’m also dressed in a thick robe made of leather, on my waist i’m equipped with a dagger.

I stroke my face, it’s shape doesn’t seem unusual. Perhaps i still look the same.

Next, i decide to check my status. Without saying anything, i wished for the status to be displayed. Suddenly, it appeared.

Level 1
HP 18/18
MP 8/8
Power 5
Speed 4
Dexterity 3
Defense 3
Wisdom 4
Luck 2
Skills possessed:
Experience Boost: Level 1


Ok. The next thing to do is to confirm my personal belongings. I seem to have something like a croaker sack on my waist, there was some bronze and silver coins in it. (TN: A croaker sack is essentially a burlap bag)

There also seems to be a bag with dried meat and water in. Looks like I don’t have to worry about starving to death for a while.

I tried to put a stone in the bag, but it just seems to be a regular bag. It wasn’t something like a item box. I wonder if that type of thing is covered by a skill?

Anyway, time to start my new life. I’ll try and enjoy various things. I have to look for a place to act as a base first. I’d likely reach a highway if i crossed the forest.

…..that’s what i thought. The road hasn’t come into view, i haven’t even encountered a single animal. I also haven’t seen a monster yet, even though i had wished for an area where i could level up easily.

I was tired, so i ate some of the food whilst resting against a tree. I also took a swig of water whilst eating. It doesn’t taste very good, but i can’t complain. Because i don’t know when i’ll find more food and water, i have to save it as much as possible.

As i got up to leave, i suddenly heard a rustling in a nearby bush. Then, a block of liquid the size of a persons head flew towards me.

I dodge in a panic and take some distance. I whip the dagger out from my waist with my trembling hands. I don’t know how to use a sword, but i have no choice but to go in blind.

Block of liquid….so this is a slime, it’s covered in green. Is that it’s nucleus? it looks like a red stone. It would most likely die if i destroy that.

The surrounding green parts of its body most likely melt clothes. I would love to see a scene where a female knight fights it. The monsters status was displayed as i thought this.

{Slime Level 1}

Hey! can i only see the name and level!? But if the level is the same, i may be able to beat it somehow. I make up my mind and slash at the slime. As i’m still a novice swordsman, it was more of a bash than a slash.

However, i only hit the green part. It was torn a little, but the slime jumps up and counter attacks. I tried to avoid it, but i was hit on the shoulder and blown away.


I was thinking superficially. When i actually thought about it, if a bucket of water the size of this guy is thrown at a person, it would cause serious injury.

When i tried to stand up, the slime charged again. Without even aiming, i swung the sword wildly.

It seems i was lucky, i felt the sound of something hard being crushed. I looked down at the slime and confirmed it’s nucleus had been destroyed. I sat down feeling relieved as my status was displayed.

Level 2
HP 24/24
MP 12/12
Power 8
Speed 7
Dexterity 6
Defense 5
Wisdom 6
Luck 3
Skills possessed:
Experience Boost: Level 1
Fencing: Level 1

I increased my level by defeating one slime? Moreover, i gained the fencing skill. It seems to be a multi-purpose skill, usable with all types of sword. I’ll have to confirm it when i get a new weapon.

I think my bodies strength grew a little, but i can’t actually feel a change?

I was worried that HP and MP wouldn’t recover. When the level goes up, it apparently recovers completely. With this, my probability of dying during battle falls.

Only the nucleus of the slime seems to have remained, the liquid part of it’s body is absorbed into the ground. I wonder if this phenomenon is common to all demons, i was curious.

I put the nucleus in my bag, it might have some value.

I made it through my first battle. I’m going to aim to get stronger. For now i need to find a way out of this forest.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – New Life

  1. How is it that the letter ‘i’ is incorrectly done so many times.
    Basically EVERY single word program automatically corrects it.
    You’d have to TRY to be so bad grammatically.


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