Chapter 5 – The beaten track

TLN: So tired….the chapters are getting more interesting. I think we meet our first heroine next chapter. It’s also my birthday tomorrow, so i’ll post it as early as I can, before I set out.


One week has passed since I came here, I had made it my routine to continuously hunt for monsters in order to eat their meat. In the process, I had levelled up several times and gained some more skills.


Est: Level 10
HP 120/120
MP 90/90
Power 61
Speed 63
Dexterity 65
Defense 60
Wisdom 70
Luck 25
Skills possessed:
【(Experience boost: Level 1)】
【(Fencing: Level 1)】
【(Dexterity improvement: Level 1)】
【(Mapping: Level 1)】
【(Wisdom improvement: Level 1)】
【(Flame magic: Level 1)】
【(Chant less casting: Level 1)】
【(Speed improvement: Level 1)】
【(Spy: Level 1)】
【(Power improvement: Level 1)】
【(Defense improvement: Level 1)】
【(Shield: Level 1)】
【(Freezing magic: Level 1)】


Power and Defense improvement. Their power was reflected in combat. Although I had been bitten by a red dog whilst hunting, I was surprised to see that I was only dented a little, despite the fact that the attack had been on my bare skin. My body seems stronger than I could have ever imagined.

The degree to which my defense rose is good, i also obtained the shield skill from it. However, since I don’t have a shield, I can’t check it out. I’ll have to try it when i get a shield.

I was happy that I could use freezing magic now. I tested it out by trying to create a small snowstorm as well as freeze an individual target and fire icicles.

Because the level of my freezing magic was low, the snowstorm was not very powerful. At best, it can be used as a refrigerator.

I could also create an ice block in a place of my choosing. When used in conjunction with flame magic, I won’t have to worry about running out of drinkable water.

I had collected a fair amount of monster cores. If I keep staying here, I won’t be able to sell them for money. It’s wasteful.

I decided to aim for a village this time, because I can understand rough geographical features thanks to my mapping skill, I scouted around my base.

There was a long stripe on the map, it seems to be a highway. I decided to walk towards it.

Although a walk this long would have tired out my past self, I didn’t feel fatigued at all. Along the way, I was attacked by familiar demons, but I defeated them almost instantly. I’ve become stronger.

After a while, I reach the highway. On the map, the road seems to branch out; South, East and West. Which one should I go down to reach a village?

I was initially worried, but I put that aside and decided to go South.

As i was walking, I realised an important thing. Although it’s possible to meet other people, i won’t be able to understand their language. I can’t even read and write, let alone speak to a person from this world.

Whilst I think about it, a status screen appears.

『As a bonus for choosing a disadvantaged environment, you have been given Language Capability』

The timing of this message….am I being observed? According to that voice, it said that a manager exists in each world called “God”.

To be honest, I wasn’t really concerned about putting on a show. I should welcome the fact that I can understand this worlds language now. If I had chosen the environment of living in a wealthy family, would I have to learn it myself?

Along the way, I didn’t encounter any thieves or demons. Is the public order well kept?

Gradually, a village comes into view, it’s quite large. It’s enclosed by a simple barrier made of hedges, it has no defensive value, it’s probably there to keep the cattle in.

I see some people tending farmland, children are looking after cattle nearby. Their appearance appears to be human, they don’t have different coloured skin or pointed ears.

I guess I’ll speak to the 50 year old or so farming Ossan. This would be the first person I’ve spoken with since coming to this world, so I was slightly tense. However, I put on a friendly face and spoke so as not to cause any wariness. (TLN: Ossan means uncle)


[Hello, are you an adventurer? What business do you have with our village?]

It works! Although it’s clear they’re not speaking Japanese, that’s what I’m hearing. If I could describe it, it’s similar to having it dubbed over.

Now that I think about it, that person said adventurer, does a guild exist? I should gather more information.

[Yes, i’m an adventurer. Is there a guild nearby?]

I tried to get the man to tell me the location of the guild.

[Sadly, there isn’t one in this village. If you go further south, there is a large town named Koper, you’ll find a guild there]

That’s it! There is such a thing as a guild, my life as an adventurer can start now.

[Really? Thank you. By the way, is there a general store nearby?]

[Ah, there is. The first floor of the nearby inn serves as a general shop]

[I’m saved, i’ll be going now]

I express my thanks and then leave. The Ossan returns to working on the farmland. I’ll try and sell my monster cores at the inn first.

Inside the town, a large amount of buildings are lined up. One of the buildings looks slightly bigger than the rest, that must be the inn. A jar-ing sound is made as I open the wooden door. There we some tables and chairs scattered about the room.

Apparently, it also serves as a pub. The owner must be very business minded. I speak to the Auntie who is preparing ingredients behind the counter.

[Hello’ i’ve heard that this is the general store]

[Thats right. Do you need something?]

[Can you buy this?]

I take out the monster cores I had looted from my bag.

[Monster cores hmm. The amount is good, i can buy it all for 3 small silver coins and 6 coppers. If you wish to stay overnight, i can deduct the price from this transaction. One night costs 8 copper coins, it’s an extra small silver coin for meals.]

I receive the money from the Auntie who collects the monster cores, it seems aside from the small silver coin. There exists a large silver coin, small gold coin and large gold coin.

[Your room is on the second floor. Because the rooms only lock from the inside, if you have any valuables please give them to me for safekeeping. Meals are taken here]

It’s too early to sleep as it is still light outside. I thought about taking a nap, but decided against it as i wanted to ask something.

[Umm….what are the monster cores used for?]

Oh? judging from the receptionists expression, did i ask something careless?

[You don’t know? the stones are used to fuel various things such as lamps, fire lighters and weapons. Which country did you come from? This should be something even a child knows.]

It can’t be helped that I don’t know considering my circumstances, but I didn’t want to say this to the Auntie.

[Sorry, i forgot for a moment]

I decided to retreat to my room. A smile floated on my face at the thought of laying down on a soft bed after so long.


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  1. 1 night+meal = 1 silver , a bit expensive, even if it’s a small village and it even not have a adventure guild branch in there. well, but for getting comfortable sleep, the MC will rent it without much though 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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