Chapter 7 – Group battle

TLN: So tired O.O’ I’ll post Weapons Cheat tomorrow.


「It’s an enemy!」

When i issued a short warning, the group who had been sleeping immediately jumped out of bed. Claire took a knife into her hands, for self defence.

「Really, are you sure!?」

Even though he was sceptical, the slave trader still checked his equipment

「I’m not sure, but something is approaching! It numbers no less than 20!」

I’ve only ever fought one on one before, now i have to fight an unknown group. In the worst case, i can run away, but i’d set Claire free first. I’m sure she’ll manage somehow, i’m not some kind of champion of justice.

Our war potential seems to consist of me and two of the slaves, the lizard man and the old man. The boy who is the same age as me isn’t even an adventurer, it would be better if he isn’t put into the fighting force. I’m starting to tremble.

「They’re getting closer. The distance is….they’re here!」

When i confirm on the map, it appears that the enemy group has already closed in. Something in the depths of the forest, that the light from the bonfire can’t reach, jumps out.

「It’s a goblin!」

The slave trader cried. Using my knowledge from games, i understood that these guys have a habit of moving in groups. How unfortunate, to have encountered such a thing.

As i don’t need to hold back on a monster, i begin my attack with freezing magic. The first shot pierces the goblins chest and instantly kills it. I shoot out a second and a third shot, i’m shooting freezing magic continuously, however the amount of goblins coming out of the forest does not slow down.


I hear the cry of a goblin nearby. It looks like the true battle has begun. Regardless, i concentrate on the first goblin party in front of me. Claire has her weapon poised, fortunately she is alive and well.

My magic has just about reached it’s limit, so i draw the dagger at my waist. I confirmed the goblins status.

The goblin was level 7, it was a fair adversary for me.

「Claire! Watch out!」

When i shout such a thing, a goblin carrying a rusted dagger attempts to slice diagonally from her shoulder to her waist. I kick away the corpse of a goblin and pull out my dagger from it’s back.


Claire, who saw the goblins attack, stopped the blow. Stupid thing! Die!

I swiftly killed the goblin.

When i threw away the goblins corpse, i observed the situation of the slave traders party. Where did the lizard man pick that up? He seems to be brandishing a large log and fighting back. The goblins around him, don’t seem to want to get close.

One of the slave men collapses to the ground and doesn’t seem to be moving. There were deep slashes on his back. Because of the size of the pool of blood, he is most likely dead. (TLN: This slave man, is the old man from before)

The slave man’s companions are also working hard. They’re already bleeding from their whole bodies. I can’t even recognise them as an aunt and a boy. Is there anywhere to run away? I confirmed that we had been completely encircled, it doesn’t seem possible. (TLN: Sorry! made a mistake on chapter 6, there are 2 slave girls Claire and one older one (aunt))

There seems to be around 8 goblins left. I fire freezing magic at one of the goblins that tried to run away. Some of the goblins who understand that the situation is disadvantageous, scatter. I’m not so kind as to let them leave, so i continue shooting freezing magic until the ones who tried to run are dead.

I confirm Claire’s safety, however it appears that the slave trader is in a bad state. His consciousness seems to be non-existent, due to the extent of his bleeding, it appears that he has died.

Searching the surroundings, i also discovered the remains of the aunt and the boy. The result might have been different if i knew how to use recovery magic, i regretted that a little.

We gather the dead slave’s corpses and burn them. The lizardman taught me that cremation is important to prevent them becoming undead. We did the same thing with the goblins.

I tried to distribute the slave traders belongings between us three, but the two slaves declined. Apparently, if a slave acts independently before they are released, they are classed as a runaway slave. The backlash for which can even stretch as far as capital punishment.

I had to go to the town with the two people to explain to an official what had happened, and to determine their treatment. I was informed that, the person who picked the slave up first, becomes the new owner in the case that the master dies and the slave survives.

In that case, i should take these two people to the town. However, the wagon can no longer be used. The horses were also dead. But, because i didn’t want to make it a habit of camping here, i set off straight away.

I check my status and confirm that my level had gone up.


Est: Level 13
HP 170/170
MP 120/120
Power 78
Speed 80
Dexterity 79
Defense 75 
Wisdom 85
Luck 41
Skills possessed:
【(Experience boost: Level 1)】
【(Fencing: Level 1)】
【(Dexterity improvement: Level 1)】
【(Mapping: Level 1)】
【(Wisdom improvement: Level 1)】
【(Flame magic: Level 1)】
【(Chantless casting: Level 1)】
【(Speed improvement: Level 1)】
【(Spy: Level 1)】
【(Power improvement: Level 1)】
【(Defense improvement: Level 1)】
【(Shield: Level 1)】
【(Freezing magic: Level 1)】

【(A new skill can be acquired. Please choose from amongst the following:)】
【(HP improvement)】
【(MP improvement)】
【(Luck improvement)】
【(Fencing: Level 2)】
【(Experience boost: Level 2)】
【(Wisdom improvement: Level 2)】


My increase in power was large this time. However, as shown by this fight, i was still a beginner. After considering various things for a while, i chose the experience boost.


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Group battle

  1. “The person who picked the slave up first, becomes the new owner in the case that the master dies and the slave survives”
    What a great loophole to legally steal slaves!

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  2. Luck improvement should be better in the long run. Since it seem to boost luck stat every time he level up and better luck may lead to better situation in everything not just exp.


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