Chapter 8 – Adventurer’s Guild

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I arrived at the town of Koper on the afternoon of the next day. A ten metre high wall encloses the city, it seems to be considerably populated.

I headed for the soldiers garrison near the entrance to report the goblin attack. After i reported it, i was told to head to a certain place to decide whether or not to re-contract the slaves or release them. (TLN: Apparently, the person who picks up the slaves can release them or re-contract them to become theirs.)

Although i was exhausted, i still had things to do. I dragged my tired body around town looking for the contracting place.

Attracted by the smell of food, i bought three of what seemed to be a hotdog. The bread was cut in the middle and the sausage was put in it. Because all three of us were hungry, we wolfed it down greedily.

Eventually, we made it safely to the contracting place. The store apparently also trades in slaves. (TLN: There’s a distinction between a slave trader and a contractor)

I thought i would be tense when i entered, however this was not the case. The beautiful elder sister was very inviting.

「Please come in, what business do you have today?」

Oh, she speaks in a fairly polite manner.

「I’d like to re-contract and release」
「Certainly, one silver coin per slave. Payment must be in advance, please」

I pass two silver coins to the smiling elder sister. I had alot of money on hand thanks to the deceased slave trader. A man appeared from the interior whilst i was pre-occupied. He seems to be tattooed all over his face, he must be the one doing the ceremony.

I talk to the two slaves about it and we decided. The lizard man wanted to be released, but Claire was re-contracted as my slave.

Because the lizardman had his share of the slave traders money, he would be able to live fairly easily, so there was no reason for him to stay a slave. (TLN: Because he was released, he wouldn’t be given punishment for having his own personal belongings, so was allowed the money)

Although Claire had similar circumstances, it wouldn’t be easy to return back to her family. Even after wiping her debt and becoming free. I was also worried about living by myself. If possible, i wanted to take her with me.

If I can travel together with a beautiful girl, then my wishes are fulfilled.

Moving on to the ceremony, the tattooed man touched the lizard man’s slave crest carved on his breast. It gradually emitted light as the lizard man seemed to writhe slightly in pain. When the light calmed down, the lizard man’s crest had disappeared.

Next it was Claire’s turn. The man applies his hand to her slave crest in the same manner. I’m envious that he got to touch her breasts….

Claire writhed in pain slightly and when the light calmed down, a different slave crest appeared. This seems to be how the re-contracting is performed.

Claire, who was looking at her new slave crest, approached me.

「My best regards in the future, Master」(TLN: She say Danna-sama O.O# like Chitose)

I bowed my head. To be able to travel with such a beauty makes me the lucky one.

We said our goodbyes to the lizardman who bowed many times over. Ah, i forgot to ask his name…

Together with Claire, we walk to town. Since it’s necessary, i want to go to the adventurers guild. I can likely earn money by receiving requests. I glance at Claire who walks beside me.


Clare: Level 3
HP 23/23
MP 5/5
Power 6
Speed 11
Dexterity 10
Defense 4 
Wisdom 7
Luck 10
Possessed skills: None


Because she became my slave, i can now view her status. As she’s a cat, her speed and dexterity are high. Her luck is also high. Is luck related to survivability?

If we’re going to be travelling together, i should get Claire some equipment. Because i want to test my new ability “Shield”, i want to buy a shield.

We stop in front of a building, it has a sign that reads 『Adventurer’s Guild』 , so we enter the building.

We emerge in what seems to be a waiting room, there are tables placed everywhere. Probably for the sake of crime prevention, they don’t seem to serve liquor.

There’s a bulletin board near the entrance covered in stickers. They seem to be requests.

There was an elder sister of the beastman race sitting at the desk. Because her ears were different than Claire’s, was she perhaps a different species?

「Excuse me, this is my first time in the guild」
「I see. Are you hoping to register?」
「Yes. Two people, me and her」

I push Claire’s lower back forward as i say so. Although she glanced at Claire, she quickly returned her gaze back to me. What? Is it because she’s a dog and Claire’s a cat?

「Then. I’ll explain the ranks」

According to the elder sister’s explanation, the rank’s are as follows.


To the adventurer’s registered at the guild, you can receive discounts depending on your rank as well as various other privileges. You rank up by meeting a certain criteria that the guild sets.

However, it seems possible for your rank to fall as well. Depending on how many urgent requests you turn down.

Although you can do any request regardless of rank. The recommended rank is written on the request form. You are responsible for yourself if you die whilst undertaking a request at a higher rank than you are.

I also learnt that experience can be shared if you join a party. Apparently, it is easier to gain experience when you’re in one. Magic seems to create a party screen, where the request to join can be accepted.

Joining a party allows you to see the detailed status of each member. I immediately party with Claire before i forget.

I receive two bronze plates from the elder sister. I can’t wait to rise to the top!


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