Modern weapon: £210.00 // Extra chapters queued: 10 // Completed: 12 //

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Upper world: £20.00 // Extra chapters queued: 0 // Completed: 2 //

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I can speak to animals and demons: £130.00 // Extra chapters queued: 5 // Completed: 8 //

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Hello readers!

This is a page i’ve set aside for donations. Every little helps! Even if you can only donate £1, that’s still 10% of the way there.

When the donations hit a certain value, a chapter will be released. In this case, every £10 is one extra chapter. I’ll then edit this page to display what the current donations are at for each series.

By one extra chapter, I mean one chapter on top of the regular schedule. For instance, if “Weapons Cheat” is scheduled for Monday and “I can speak” for Tuesday and someone donates on Monday. I will post “Weapons Cheat” on Tuesday, instead of “I can speak”. So it’s like 2 days of “Weapons Cheat”

The above schedule is a little messed up right now due to exams coming up and other things, but I will be posting them all ASAP.


To repeat the above thing. Once I’ve cleared the donated schedule, I’ll be releasing new donation rules. Basically, we’ll have a weekly schedule, but donated chapters will take precedence.


  • Donated chapters take priority over the release schedule.
  • 2 chapters will only be released on days where I am not extremely busy. Since two chapters of weapons cheat takes 3 hours overall. 
  • I may have to slow down translating during some months as currently I’m translating until 2am/3am (I work until late at night at another job) then getting up for College after 3 hours of sleep.

Thanks in advance!

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