Girl Corps – Chapter 1

「Haa, this girl is also very pretty」

I sigh whilst looking at the smartphone held in my hand. The girl reflected in my screen is from a new social game app that was now a hot topic amongst otakus, called『Girl Corps』or GC for short. It was released half a year ago and has already amassed over 500,000 users. The basic concept is, you create an army of beautiful girls, simple as that. Your army then takes part in battles against the demon army and other users. The scenario is that it is set in Europe during the middle ages. All the characters are girls, however they are not ordinary girls. They know how to fight.

「Muu~ but my funds are severely low right now…」

I’m seriously troubled by this games gacha. There are two ways to gain a character in this game. One way is by an event, the other is by paying for a gacha. For one go it’s 500 yen, for 11, it’s 5,000 yen. Honestly, I think the price is ridiculous. Moreover, weapons and items are also mixed in as well as characters. However, there’s no end to the amount of people who buy it. The charm of this game comes from the combo of a popular illustrator and a talented voice actor. (TLN: 5,000 yen is around £32. So it’s £3 for one go. Or in dollars it’s $5 for one go and $50 for 11 {All values are rounded})

The new releases this month are Leila-chan and Luna-chan. Both vampires possessing the attributes of a loli little girl. As soon as they were released, everyone was absorbed. The bulletin boards exploded with anger and resentment. Lots of people raised voices against the low probability of the gacha, especially those who got a character they didn’t want, rather than Luna and Leila.

The present time is 23:58. I’m one of the believers that your luck doubles by at least 10 times when the clock strikes 0:00. I don’t really like to believe in the occult, but I can’t help but depend on it this time. Funds have been tight this month, so I’ll only get one chance at this monthly gacha. After restarting the app, I place it on my desk near my computer and begin to pray.

「Anyway, it’s all down to probability」

Whilst I waited, I looked at the bulletin boards using my computer that was flooded with updates. Out of the 100,000 people who had already tried, one person had bought over 1,100 goes, but still didn’t receive a character. Others were optimistic and believed that they would be the one to get her.

「Oh dangerous, it’s dangerous」

With a voice full of resentment, I look at the time. It was now 23:59, 50 seconds left. I quickly switch to the monthly gacha screen.

「…..3,2,1! Ieeee!! Let my feelings reach Luna!!」

As soon as the clock reached 00:00 I clicked the screen, a treasure chest suddenly appeared. I of course, bought the 11 tries one.I had completely disregarded the fact that I had just spent 5,000 yen, as I’m trembling with excitement. The chest began to change colour; Silver, Gold, White and then Rainbow coloured.

「Whoa! Whoa! UR confirmed! This is great!」(TLN: UR means Ultra Rare I think)

Rainbow coloured glow was the proof of UR. I was excited, Luna-chan was UR after all. The probability of a UR is about 1%, so I was very lucky. As the chest is opened, items were suddenly released.

R Sword of Iron, R Dagger of Iron, Recovery medicine, R Armor of Iron, SR Excalibur, SR Pot, 50,000G, Food, UR Invitation to another world】(TLN: There was also two other items, but it was difficult to translate. One was brass knuckles I think)

The chance of getting a character is way too low. Food is an item that can recover fatigue to some extent.
…….cruel, this is way too cruel. Even with the UR there, the best item that came our was the SR sword!!

「Well, the monthly gacha is like this…..I spent way too much money」

It seems I was too captivated by Luna-chan, I accidentally spent too much money on 11 tries. I began to put my debit card away when I suddenly remembered. The UR that came out, I’ve never seen something like that before.

「Hmm, where’s the item column….oh?….what’s this?」

UR Invitation to another world】
The proof that you have been invited to another world. When used, you will begin your journey in another world.

…..what on Earth is this invitation talking about? There doesn’t seem to be any further information in the item description.

Is it possible that I’m the only person who’s ever gotten this item? Thinking like that made me feel alot better about spending that money, but there’s no information on the net about the item at all. In other words, there’s a high possibility that I’m the only one in the entire world who’s received this item, that makes me feel very happy! Resisting the urge to press the item right away, I take a screenshot. I’ll use this as evidence, it’s not like I want to brag, ok? (TLN: When you use the item, it disappears. He wanted to preserve the memory of it)

After saving the screenshot, I pressed the item. A warning suddenly appeared asking for either a YES or a NO. Trembling with excitement like a child, I pressed the YES button, suddenly the screen was filled with a brilliant white glow.

「What is this? It’s wonderful…….oh?」

Looking at the intense white glow that couldn’t possibly come from a smartphone’s screen, I get even more excited. Suddenly, my entire vision is blanketed in a white light.


Yep, it stops here. I’ll release the first chapters of three different series as well as what they’re about. Then there’ll be a vote to decide which one gets picked up.

You can probably already tell. This is a harem novel where the MC collects different girls to create an army in a different world. Seems fun, right? I’m imagining him collecting girls with different personalities such as a tsundere, yandere, deredere etc….

I’m doing this because I want another short story to tl. Currently I do 2 long novels and 1 short. So I want 2 short and 2 long.


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