Girl Corps – Chapter 2

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「Dammit, now what do I do?」

Due to the flash from the smartphone, my eyes were filled with tears. Isn’t the amount of light my phone is producing too much?

「Although I can’t see anything……I can feel a light breeze」

Though I should be in my room, I can feel the wind for some reason. I thought that it might be due to an open window, but I remember it being closed. The feeling under my feet is also strange. The floor should be made up of the flooring in my room. However, the floor feels rough now, it feels as if I’m stepping outside onto the ground with bare feet. It shouldn’t be this rough, did I perhaps drop crumbs when I was eating my Rusk? (TLN: Rusk is like a hard piece of bread, I think in Japan they make it sweet like a dessert)

「I really shouldn’t eat before falling asleep……well, finally I can see……..oh?」

Tears endlessly flow from my eyes as I open my closed eyelids. Then, in the space before me, something blurred was there. Oh?…….wasn’t I supposed to be in my room? Yet why does this place look like a………savannah? As far as I could see, grassland was spread out across the horizon (TLN: Savannah)

I should be in my room playing on my smartphone. Yet here I am in the middle of a savannah. I don’t know what’s going on at all. This is impossible. No way, did I faint after missing out on Luna-chan and I’m now dreaming? That’s right, it must be right. After all, it was about 00:00 at midnight when this started, yet the sun is so bright now. However, this is my first time in such a realistic dream.

「It hurts!! That’s painful!? so……this isn’t a dream….no, it’s too early to make a conclusion」

I pinch my cheek as a test. I guess it’s useless to judge whether or not it’s a dream by pain alone. To be honest, I really want to scream and run around, but I maintain my calm. Perhaps it’s because it’s a land I don’t recognise, but I can’t stay calm. This would be a really bad situation if it was reality. First off, I’m barefoot and in pyjamas. It would be too reckless to walk around randomly in such a wide space like this. Also, if I’m attacked by wildlife, I’ll be done for.

For now, I should at least look for some type of refuge. Looking up, I saw a tree a short distance away, I’ll head there for now. If I can climb it, I’ll be safe, also it will let me look and see if there are any people here.
……I just hope there aren’t any snakes, leopards or bears.

Approaching the side of the tree, the sun seems to have moved, it’s ascended. That means there’s still a lot of time until the sun goes down. If I stay up at night in the grasslands, it will be dangerous. If I stay in the tree, will it be okay? The height of the tree seems to be just over 5m, it seems possible to climb it barefooted.

「GUKYAA!? $%#&!! $%#&!!」


As I’m walking whilst immersed in thought, a voice is suddenly heard behind me. A purple creature resembling a human child was standing there, walking on two legs. In one hand, it seemed to be holding a wooden club. It was pointing at me excitedly. Instead of waiting to find out what it is, I began to run. I perceived a dangerous atmosphere.

「Haa……Haa…..damn, what was that?」

After bolting away from the creature, I headed towards the tree, climbing to the top in an instant. Even though I don’t do physical labour, I’m still in the first half of my twenties…….the climb was fairly easy. After climbing to about 4m, I look down at the huddled thick branches.

「%#&! %#&!」

Multiple purple organisms were shouting whilst pointing at me. I quietly praise my intuition. Since my safety is confirmed, should I view the organisms a bit more? If I put it into fantasy terms, wouldn’t it be called a goblin? Regardless, I should be ok, they don’t seem to be able to climb the tree. One of the goblins tried to climb the tree, but then gave up and hit the tree with its club, before running off.

「Huh? It’s almost like I’m in a different world…..」

After seeing the goblin leave, I leaked a voice.
――Different world. So it is a different world. Before I came here, GC gave me an item that was an invitation to a different world. In other words, it’s because of that item that I’m here?……..don’t be stupid. I used that item on my smartphone, there’s no way that can be true. Looking over my body with my hands, I searched for my smartphone. I found it in one of my pockets. I then pulled it out and pressed the home button. The screen that appeared wasn’t my usual home screen, instead it looked like GC. I tried to press the home button multiple times to change it, but it wouldn’t change.

「Oh, that’s strange. Did it break?」

I pushed the button many times with a tick, tick, tick, but the screen didn’t show anything expect for GC. Instead of continuing, I tapped the GC app.

「Ha!? 1……..Level 1!?」

For some reason, my level is now shown as 1 when it was 200 previously. Also, the name seems different. Before it was, Shuvain, now it’s my real name Heihachi Okura. I also tried to confirm my items and units, but it had all vanished completely.

「Don’t screw with me!! Is all my data lost!?」

My anger was peaking, I almost threw my smartphone away, but I just kept repeating. Be cool, be cool. Even though my hand was trembling, I kept a hold of my smartphone. It was my only clue to what happened.

I tried various things, but all I found out was that the GC screen had changed completely. Units, items, status and even the gacha had been completely wiped, to the point where it doesn’t even look like a game any more. Although I said all my units had disappeared, there was one remaining. The unit had an icon of my face and it was named Heihachi Okura, it was incredibly creepy. The magic stones needed to draw a gacha had also been completely replenished to 50. GC sells these for around 100 yen for 1. Well, I was dragged into this world by the gacha, so maybe I can find something out there. When I looked at the gacha screen, there was a banner stating 【First 11 tries are guaranteed UR’s】Whilst I think no way in my mind, I click the gacha. Since this is the only thing I can do, I feel like I’m clutching straws.

Suddenly, a chest appeared on the screen, changing colours until it settled on rainbow. It seems like the guaranteed UR thing is true.

R Camp set, R Clothes, R Food, Copper armour, Copper leggings, Boots, SR Pot lid, SR Excalibur, 40,000G, SSR Language Book, UR Nord Fanya 】

Still no Luna-chan…….Anyway, what’s with this SSR language book and camp set? There was never anything like this in GC.

●Language Book
With this, it’s possible to understand the language used in another world. You will get a slight headache during use, maybe?

What is this?…..
As I tap the language book icon, my smartphone shines brightly. Suddenly, a book appears in front of me.

「It was in the smartphone?… it’s materialised, IT HURTS!!」

I took the book which appeared in front of me, opening it. As the characters entered my field of vision, I suddenly began to get a headache. I closed the book as quickly as possible on reflex.

「Maybe? It’s either you do or you don’t get a headache! Whatever, I wonder what else I can materialise…….」

I wonder what happens if I materialise a unit from GC, my expectations begin to build up. The unit which I pulled is called Noru Fanya. It’s a broken unit which currently dominates GC. Surpressing my expectations, I tap the icon.

Just like last time, the screen fills with light. Suddenly, a silver haired girl in white armour appears in front of my eyes.

「You are…? Aaaaaa!?」

As soon as she appeared, she tried to say something. However, she suddenly fell whilst screaming. She was wearing a skirt, but because she was also wearing tights, her panties weren’t seen.

「Ah….I forgot that I was on a tree…..」


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