Girl Corps – Chapter 3

Chronon: Sorry, short chapter today. Had to rewrite my coursework code in Python. I was using VB (Has a really nice GUI editor in visual studio) for my AI program, but I felt I was limited in what I could do. So I’m rewriting it all, but it’s been difficult. In Python buttons call functions? That’s completely different from VB where you can create a sub for when a button is pressed. Well, whatever xD

Feel free to rage that there’s no modern weapons, I was waiting to translate this. We finally got a heroine after 3 chapters 🙂


「Uuuu…..that’s too cruel」

Her helm was hiding her face. Her silver hair stretched down to her lower back. Also, on her waist is a long sword. She’s currently sitting down speaking with a tearful voice, her silver shield is a short distance away.

「It’s good to meet you face to face for the first time, my lord!」

Noru Fanya. The highest ranked UR rare. In terms of performance, she is pretty much at the very top. However, her appearance was not evaluated that highly. Mainly because this unit does not show her real face, it is disguised by a helm. Still, she’s one of my favourite units. I have not checked her details yet, but she should be around 16 or 17 years old. Her peculiar ability 【Blessings of the warrior princess】 is necessary for an army, it buffs all units offensive capability by 30%. Also, when her skill 【Inspiration】 is used, all units statuses double for 1 minute. Such a perfectly broken character. (TLN: Yep says UR then rare for some reason, Noru Fanya will be Fanya from now on)

「I’m really sorry. I lacked composure」

I was lost in thought and seemingly ignored her. I was far too impolite. My first impression is definitely bad right now. I have to politely apologise. Also, she was dropped abruptly from a height of around 4 metres. Why she seems ok is a mystery.

「It’s ok……you don’t have to speak to me so politely」

「Even if you say that, this is how I normally speak. Is it strange?」

「It’s unreasonable for you to talk to me like that. By the way, are there any orders?」

I’m not very used to this type of polite protest. It seems as if I’ve been forgiven by the other party anyway, so I guess I’ll return to normal.

「No, there are no orders in particular. Well, whenever possible. I want you to call me by my name, Heihachi Okura」

「Ah! Sorry for the late introduction, my name is Noru Fanya. Please take care of me」

We shake hands and finish the self-introductions. Well, I already know her name.

「Ok, then. How much about the situation do you know, Noru?」

「Hai! First, I was summoned to help you. Also, this world is different from the one Okura-dono is originally from」

I already understand that I’m in another world. So you cam here to help me? It’s just like the main scenario in GC.

「Is the summon time fixed? Also, how did you know I came from another world?」

「When being summoned, we receive a portion of the summoners memories and knowledge. There is no time limit to the summoning, instead there is a cost system. Since I am summoned, no-one else can be summoned 」

My knowledge is shared? My three dimensional knowledge as well as my two dimensional knowledge about the game? That’s really helpful. Furthermore, it’s nice that there is no limit to the summons. Also, there’s a cost system. The armies in GC were limited by the sum of the values of each character. Last time I checked, the initial value is 15. The cost of Noru should also be 15. Because the limit rises when I limit, does that mean that when I level up I can summon more units?

「Ok. Then please become my guard until safety is assured」

「Understood! Also, I will personally mentor Heihachi-dono!」(TLN: She changed how she addressed him :S)


「That’s right! It’s good timing as well, an enemy has appeared」

Mentor. That was the person who explained the functions of the game in the beginning. How to equip items, how to use skills, how to battle etc….

I turned around to face where Noru was pointing. The goblin that had ran away before had returned, with 5 more goblins.


「Uwaa! Isn’t that the one from a short while ago?」

「Settle down. First of all, open the equipment screen on your smartphone」

The goblins cry and come running at me whilst brandishing clubs. Noru walked out in front of me and drew the sword from her waist. It glittered in the sunlight. It had a beautiful blue streak running down it, there was no ornaments, it was simply beautiful. She had a silver shield in her other hand.

「Hyaa! done!」

「Next, choose a weapon and armour from the equipment selection screen」

I was fascinated by her blade, but as she repelled an attacking goblin’s club. I returned to my senses and opened the equipment screen.

「Oh!? This is…」

I tap on the clothes icon, as well as copper armour, copper leggings, boots, pot lid and Excalibur, then my whole body was wrapped in light. When the light faded, I was wrapped in the equipment I chose earlier. My hands were also filled, with one hand holding the pot lid and another holding a bar with beams of light coming off it.

「Well, are you ready? Let’s start the tutorial」

After confirming I had done with my preparations, she began to move. She moved too fast for the human eye to see clearly. However, she appeared to have moved, swung twice then returned to her original position. 4 out of the 5 goblins had there heads chopped off by the two swings. After collapsing, they turn into particles of light.


I was impressed by her movement. It was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to perfection. The goblin that was left seemed flustered and confused.

「Could Okura-dono please try and kill the last enemy?」


「That’s right. It’s something you should get accustomed to since you’ve come to this world」

Putting her sword back in her sheathe, she retreated back to the tree. Seemingly not taking part any more.

「Okura-dono~ Give it you best~」

Looking at her, I forgot about my own situation. After looking to where Noru was pointing, I was met by a goblin running towards me.

「RANDOM GOBLIN SPEAK ~Tear it apart!!!!~」

「Ah! Wait a moment!!」

The goblin who see’s me , get’s angry and starts lowering it’s club towards me, I raise the pot lid and a sudden heavy shock runs through my arm. It gives me no time to rest and repeatedly hits the pot lid.

「Impossible! Impossible! Please help me, Naru!」

「It’s fine. Even if Okura-dono is hit 10 times, he won’t die」

Even if you say that, getting hit hurts you know?


「Chance! Chance!」

I had blocked it’s attacks many times, but my arm grew tired and a hit got through straight at my stomach. The goblin started laughing happily.

「! ……oh? It isn’t that painful?」

I felt the impact of the club and was bracing for the heavy pain. However, only a light pain was felt. The goblin was stunned by my reaction. This is my chance, I attack with Excalibur. It instantly pierces the goblin’s head. I couldn’t even feel the impact, it sliced easily through it’s head like tofu. It entire head then blew up. As it falls, it turns into particles of light and drops a club and some type of tusk.

「Are you okay, Okura-dono?」

Noru tried to confirm my state as she approached. Perhaps she had expected a quick ending from the beginning.

「Am I okay? At least warn me before hand!!」

「Ifai! Ifai!」(TLN: She’s trying to say “Itai” meaning “It hurts” but her cheeks are being pulled)

Well, there were no clear explanations before hand. I pull her cheeks as revenge anyway. Both of her cheeks felt quite good. Like rice cake.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. 🙂
    More girls will come when he lv up I see. But what happened if he uncall Freya? she goes into the phone and waiting there to be called again?


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