Heavenly Tribulation – Volume 1 Chapter 1

I wanted to try and post this for a bit, If people like it I’ll post more. I’ll be posting “I can speak” tonight as well. Here’s the author’s note.

AN: Decided to make a dystopian/survival game novel. It is relatively clichéd, however I feel that it’s satisfying. There will be romance, secrets as well as action!


A black fog swept across the lands, within it. A young man could be seen, drifting silently through the darkness; as if part of it.

His appearance was anything but ordinary. Aside from chiselled features which gave him a handsome look. His hair was completely white, whereas his eyes shone with a white hue.


A loud sigh escaped his mouth. It had been several months since the beginning of the 『Tribulation Games』yet he had only managed to hunt one ghoul.

He began to look back as to how all this started, a dark look appeared on his face as he reminisced.


Half a year ago….

The lands around Japan were calm and settled. Like a pool of still crystal clear water. It’s not that there were no disturbances. It’s just that there was nothing of significance that was capable of causing a large scale commotion.

However, one day all that changed.

An extremely loud shrilling sound reverberated throughout the entire country. It shook the Earth, echoing throughout the mountains. The once calm, crystal clear water that was Japan was now disturbed by the intrusion of such a noise.

The sky gradually darkened as a large rock flew into the sights of all those who gazed upon it. As if in defiance of the darkness it was creating, It shone with a bright light. The light itself glowed in a multitude of colours.

One of the people who witnessed this, was none other than the white haired, white eyed boy from before. Yuu Nagato.

However now, his appearance was different. His hair was jet black and his eyes were coloured blue. However, his chiselled features stayed the same.

He was currently standing on top of a mountain admiring the scenery; he often enjoyed hiking by himself; as it allowed him time to calm his mind and soul.

「What the hell is that!?」

He loudly screamed as he covered his ears with his hands.

The noise created by the large rock was deafening, it felt as if something was trying to claw it’s way into his brain.

Suddenly, the different colours surrounded the rock began to tremble slightly as a loud voice boomed out.

「Within 3 months the 『Tribulation Games』will begin! 」

Huh!? 『Tribulation Games』? What is that?

Yuu wasn’t the only one to think this. His train of thought was shared by everyone who heard the domineering voice.

「Around this rock I have imbued my legacies! Those who receive them shall be granted power beyond their peers! It will allow them to advance quicker within the 『Tribulation Game』 」

The large rock began to violently tremble as the multi-coloured lights separated from it, flinging out rapidly into the open air.

One such light was heading in a certain direction, right towards Yuu.

Yuu began to panic, a cold sweat permeated through his forehead. The loud voice which seemed to shake even the heavens, coupled with the Earth rending rock was almost too much for him to handle.

Yet now, one of the lights from the rock was heading right for him!

The light was glowing with a bright, white light. Thin streaks of lightning seemed to be arching off it onto the ground below. It was a fearsome sight.

His body was screaming to move out of the way. However, the atmosphere emitted by the light seemed to be drawing him closer.

Before he could pull himself away, the white light quickly accelerated and shot into his head.

An extremely painful feeling emanated throughout his body. His muscles contracted and he collapsed; spasming violently on the floor.

Unbeknownst to him, his hair was gradually losing it’s colour and his eyes were following suit, in a similar fashion.

The pain was unbearable. It felt as if a million blades were spinning throughout his body, ripping his flesh and destroying his soul. However, before he could even cry out. He lost consciousness.


A few hours later, Yuu awakened.


He uttered a groan as he slowly stood up.

His body was covered in a cold sweat, the outside air had further assisted in causing his body temperature to plummet.

However, it was strangely not uncomfortable. Rather, it felt as if the cool air was cooling his over worked muscles.

「What the hell was that? It hurt so much!」

Yuu trembled as he remembered the intense pain he had experienced a few hours before. Although he didn’t know exactly how long had passed. The position of the sun indicated that he had been passed out for at least several hours.

He dragged himself to an overturned log and sat down. Contemplating on what had just happened.

His body was aching all over, his mind also felt exhausted. However, through the exhaustion some words appeared in his mind  『Status』

Without even thinking about the meaning, he slowly murmured the words.

Suddenly, a large window appeared within his vision.


Welcome legacy inheritor to the 『Tribulation Games』!

You have been selected to inherit the 『Heavenly white lightning』therefore giving you a bonus against your peers.

The 『Tribulation Games』will begin within three months. At that time, you will be competing against other humans in order to cleanse the filth from the Earth.

Fighting and winning against other people or monsters will cause your level to rise. Your level represents your respective fighting strength.

Your humanity rating will dictate what manner of creature you are or will become. Those with an extremely low humanity rating will turn into a [**]. Those with a high humanity rating will turn into [**]

The winning conditions are: *****

Please confirm you have received this information:


(Author’s Note: The stars are intentional. There is missing data within the screen)



Yuu was dumbstruck. Never the less, he selected the confirmation button.


Level: 1

Name: Yuu

Legacy: Heavenly white lightning

Humanity: 100*


  • Lightning Manipulation

*Average Humanity is 100. Those with a humanity above 1000 have reached the level of “High humanity” those with values below -1000 have reached the level of “Low humanity”. Transformations occur every 200 levels of humanity.


Yuu was still reeling. He couldn’t believe such a screen would appear in front of him, this type of thing belonged inside RPG games!

「Lightning manipulation? Does that mean I can control lightning?」

The previous pain and nervousness was quickly forgotten by Yuu as he began to grow excited.

It was every gamers dream to live within their respective games, yet they could only keep it as a dream.

Now here he was, being told that from now on. He would be able to manipulate the elements like a mage!

He lifted his right hand up in anticipation. Even though he didn’t know exactly how to invoke the lightning, his body seemed to react almost instinctively.

Suddenly, Yuu felt a draining feeling from within his body. His eyes slowly started glowing with a white hue. Above his upturned hand, a ball of lightning suddenly appeared. The tendrils of which flicked against his hand.

Yuu could sense each tendril possessed significant strength. Yet every time it touched him, it felt as if someone was gently stroking his hand.

「So I guess this is what it means to be able to manipulate lightning…..such a strong force can act so gentle」

After examining it for a while, he didn’t know what to do with the lightning ball. He wanted to propel it away with more lightning. But he felt as if that would be an unnecessary waste of energy and so he threw it at a nearby boulder.

The lightning ball moved slowly after it departed from Yuu’s hand. Yet with every centre metre it travelled. Thin tendrils of lightning would shoot out, leaving small scorch marks on the Earth.

As it approached the boulder, small flickering lights appeared around the ball. Almost like fireflies, yet with a white glow.

Once it struck, a massive pressure was suddenly present; causing Yuu to quiver in fear. The lightning ball seemed to compress slightly, before exploding outwards with mountainous force causing blinding light to propel outwards.


Without even checking his handiwork, Yuu shut his eyes tightly. In his 17 years of life, he had never seen anything as bright as this, the light of which threatened to rival the sun!

Within the space of a few minutes, the light died down.

Yuu opened his eyes, as he gazed upon the place where the boulder once stood, his body grew cold.

There was no boulder any more. In fact, there was nothing except burn marks for tens of metres. All the trees, birds and rocks had been completely turned into dust in an instant.

「Could this be the power of a legacy?」

As Yuu was thinking this, he suddenly heard a noise like rustling bushes.

When he turned to face the noise, a large force struck his chest. In an instant, the world turned dim as the light faded from his eyes….


…..Yuu fell unconscious for the second time that day.


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