Heavenly Tribulation – Volume 1 Chapter 2

neTN: No heroine just yet! But there will be one soon!

AN: To clarify ahead of time. We are beginning this chapter from where we left off at the start of the first chapter. The large rock fell 6 months ago, Yuu fell unconscious at this time. Then there is a missing 3 months of his life that he doesn’t explain. Then he was hunting monsters for another three months.

The missing three months will be explained at a later date. Any weird changes you see, just chalk it down to being because of the missing three months.


The subsequent events after Yuu woke up would be something he could never erase, no matter how much he begged for it. As such, he had no wish to continue reminiscing. (AN: He stops thinking back at this point)

Those three months after had been a living hell. The large rock which had shook the Earth, shattered into a fine mist once the glowing lights left. That mist then travelled across the world over the course of a month or so, being absorbed by every person on the planet!

What was most strange about it was that no matter if you were inside your house or protected by some sort of cover. The mist would seep through the walls and roofs, as if they weren’t even there to begin with!

The mist wasn’t just for show, it imbued people with power. Much like the legacies, but far less potent. It also gave them the ability to view their respective statuses as well as collect new skills.

「Well, where should I go now?」

Yuu had been hunting monsters for the best part of three months. Despite this, he had only managed to kill one ghoul.

The three months after he awakened had allowed him to make great gains. He learnt new skills, acquired better equipment, but above all; he was enlightened to certain truths.

For instance, the world now is different from how it was before. Not just in appearance, but also laws.

Before the tribulation began, people were bound by laws made by those with “high power”. After the tribulation began, this stayed the same. However, the meaning of “high power” changed.

Now, those with high power; have high levels, this in turn meant that those who don’t follow the laws of those people, die.

Yuu couldn’t necessarily be called powerful, however as a legacy holder, he was certainly above those with similar levels to him.

The equipment he had gained was numerous as well as valuable, at least in his hands.

On his body, he wore a long, jet black trench coat. Tied to his waist, was a very ordinary sheathed katana, however the sheathe was strange; made of a silvery, dark grey metal as opposed to the normal wood sheaths. A black backpack was slung over his shoulders.

Inside the backpack was around 7 days worth of rations; both food and water. As well as several smoke grenades and a change of clothes.

As a testament to just how strenuous those past months had been. His current status was as follows:


Level: 6

Name: Yuu

Legacy: Heavenly white lightning

Humanity: 80*


  • Lightning Manipulation
  • Lightning Ball
  • Lightning Draw
  • Swordsmanship

*Average Humanity is 100. Those with a humanity above 1000 have reached the level of “High humanity” those with values below -1000 have reached the level of “Low humanity”. Transformations occur every 200 levels of humanity.


Lightning draw was a product of his experimentation with the heavenly white lightning.

Yuu found that his lightning manipulation skill did not just allow him to control where the lightning would go. But also what charge it had.

Because of that, he discovered that by holding the sheathe with one hand; he could charge it negatively. Then by holding the katana with the other, he could similarly charge it negatively.

The resulting force produced caused the katana to shoot out of the sheathe at literally lightning speed.

When he discovered this, a pop-up appeared in front of him; proclaiming that he was the inventor of a new skill, instantly bestowing it upon his status screen.

The skill itself was very powerful, combined with it’s speed, it seemed almost unstoppable.

As he pulled himself back from his own thoughts, Yuu sighed inwardly.

「Maybe I should just start walking?」

Throughout the several months he had been hunting, he had barely moved from where he was. Part of the reason for this was because Yuu’s family was here.

Or at least, they were supposed to be. No matter how much he searched for them, he couldn’t find them. It was as if his father, mother and little sister had completely vanished. After spending most of his time searching, his heart gradually started to accept the fact that they may be dead.

He sighed for the second time as he slowly made his way along the road. The black fog that was previously encompassing him, had almost completely dissipated. That fog was emitted by ghouls, however once the source is gone, the fog can no longer exist.

「I’ve heard that after the tribulation started, many groups of people banded together; creating many different tribes. Is safety in numbers really possible? Even if there is 100 level 1’s, they wouldn’t even be able to scratch a level 10. All they could do is lie down and wait to die」

Yuu murmured to himself as he grudged along.


Like this, several hours passed.

As Yuu was staring listlessly into the distance, a small town came into view. The houses were still standing, however just barely. Signs of battle could be seen everywhere.

「That’s strange. Due to the damage, shouldn’t this town be abandoned? Why is there light coming from the houses?」

The houses seemed to be in complete ruin and yet, some of them were still emitting light. As Yuu strained his ears, quiet laughter could be heard.

Not wanting to rush aimlessly into potential danger, Yuu dived into some nearby bushes and began observing the town.

A short while later, a middle aged man emerged from within one of the lit houses.

His face was not anything special, aside from the long scar stretching from his left eye to the right side of his lip.

Attached to his shoulders was a holster, in the holster there was a handgun.

「Damn it! That village we raided was supposed to be filled with beauties, yet all we got was some damned brat. Whatever, I guess we can sell her after we’ve broken her in」

The middle aged man’s face was filled with disdain as he took a cigarette out from his jacket pocket.

Disgust welled up within Yuu. He had previously assumed that people with weaker levels were being treated as slaves, but he never thought that he would actually find out that his theory was true!

It seems he had encountered a bandit group who were trafficking humans.

He was not a righteous person; he had no great sense of justice, however he would be damned if he let this group do as they like whilst he was there.

With that thought in mind, he began to formulate a plan.


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