Heavenly Tribulation – Volume 1 Chapter 3

TLN: Sorry, I keep putting off “I can speak”. I’ve actually finished translating it, I just need to edit it. Meanwhile, we finally have a heroine! Sort of, she’s not a love interest, but an important female character none the less.

EDIT: Author made a post-publishing edit. 10 and 5 minutes was reduced to 2 and 3 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience guys :S


An hour after arriving at the bandit groups hideout. Yuu was ready to put his plan into action.

After observing the bandits movements for quite sometime, he was able to determine what each building contained.

The large building in the centre; the one the middle aged man came out of. Was the main headquarters. There, many bandits had gathered. From the noise and the occasional laughter, it seemed as if they were drinking and gambling.

A little further East, there stood a barn house with a heavy lock on the front. From the looks of the heavily armed guards stationed there, this was probably where they kept their supplies.

This idea was further solidified as every now and then, a bandit would emerge from the main headquarters then walk into the barn. When he emerged minutes later, he would almost always be carrying more alcohol.

There was no way they would protect their alcohol this badly, right?

The other buildings in the area were too insignificant to mention. Yuu made absolutely certain there were no bandits hiding within them. A surprise attack could be fatal.

With this in mind, he began his plan by raising his palm.

Suddenly, lightning congealed within his hand forming into a ball. Without a second thought, he propelled it forwards towards some bushes on the other side of main headquarters. Out of sight of the storage guards.

Almost as soon as the lightning ball disappeared beneath the bushes, a loud bang sounded out as smoke rapidly rose from the bushes. Spreading across the camp.

Alerted by the noise and the sight of the smoke. Numerous bandits ran out of the main headquarters, running towards the location of the noise.

Prompted by this, Yuu began to move.

He approached the storage house where the two bandit guards were stationed. They had noticed the noise and the smoke, yet they had not moved an inch.

They were a lot more heavily armed than the rest of the bandits. They carried what appeared to be an automatic rifles slung across their shoulders. The bulging of their chests indicated that they were wearing stab proof vests underneath their shirts.

「If it’s only that much….」

As the smoke drifted over to the guards, Yuu sprang into action; rotating the lightning within his body. His eyes began to glow with a white hue as he rapidly approached the nearest guard to him.

Before the guard could even scream, Yuu invoked his lightning draw skill. The faint sound of crackling was all that could be heard as a mountain of blood poured out of the stump of the man’s neck.

The other guard who heard this, turned his head. However, that was the last thing he did as before he could even see what the noise was, his head was already on the floor as blood poured out of his neck.

「Now then….let’s see what they wanted to guard so desperately…..」

Before entering the storage house, Yuu quickly shot another lightning ball towards some bushes on the opposite side of the headquarters from the place he shot before. Just like last time, a loud explosion sounded as smoke exploded from the bushes.

As a cold smirk appeared on his face, he entered the storage house.


Instantly his eyes widened. All around him were various weapons and tools, as well as food and water and of course, alcohol.

Without even thinking about it, he began stuffing his bag with essential items. Currently his bag now contained the following:

  • 24 days worth of food and water
  • Metal wire (3m)
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Smoke grenades (1)
  • Bottles of scotch (2)

Yuu was instantly filled with happiness as he glanced down at his earnings. The food he managed to salvage at the start had almost run dry. Finding this store house was like a blessing from the heavens!

He slung his bag across his shoulders, preparing to leave. However, before he could he instantly froze; a quiet sobbing noise could be heard near the back of the room.


What could that be? Yuu’s mind was reeling, had he been discovered?

Crouching down low, he began to approach the sound of the noise. His left hand on his sheathe, his right on his katana.

As he approached, the crying sound seemed to be getting louder. When it reached it’s peak, a metal cage came into Yuu’s view.

「What the hell is this!?」

Yuu muttered to himself, his voice filled with disgust as his eyes fell onto the contents of the cage.

Sitting inside it, sobbing into her arms that were wrapped around her legs, was a young girl. Although she was wearing clothes, they were extremely ragged. Her body was covered from head to toe in bruises

This girl must have only been around 6 or 7. It was more sufficient to call her a child, rather than a young girl.

「So this was what that bastard was talking about…..」

Yuu’s mind began to recall what the scarred middle aged man had muttered before.

Because of this, he knew he couldn’t leave the girl here. Or else she would probably experience something even worse than a few beatings.

Slowly, as if approaching a cautious animal. Yuu strode forwards.

Although he was not making even a little bit of noise, the girl seemingly instantly sensed him. Here head shot up her eyes were filled with dread, tears began to pool within her eyes once more.

「Wait……it’s okay don’t cry, I won’t hurt you. Alright?」

The girl’s expression didn’t change, she had probably been told things like this before by those bandits, right before they hit her again.

「I’m going to get you out of here, please try and calm down」

Standing up straight, Yuu rested his hands on his katana and sheathe ready to invoke his lightning draw skill.

The girls expression changed in an instant, she began shaking the cage as if trying to rip the bars apart. Tears were now pooling on the ground.

「Look, I’m not aiming it at you, just the bars. As soon as I’ve cut them, the blade will go away. I promise」

The girl didn’t drop her guard. However, she stopped shaking the bars. She merely rested her back against them, as if awaiting death.

Yuu circulated the white lightning within his body once more, his eyes shone with a white hue as he charged the sheathe and the katana.

Instantly, four white lights could be seen as a crackling noise sounded out, forming the shape of a square within the metal bars of the cage.

In that instant, nothing happened. The bars didn’t move, it seemed as if even the air hadn’t been displaced by the movement of the blade.

Yuu slowly raised his right hand, snapping his thumb and third finger together creating a ringing sound.

As if prompted by this, sword slash after images appeared on the bars as they instantly fell down, creating a large square opening on the cage.

He crouched down, staring into the eyes of the girl.

「It’s okay now, I’ll get you out of here」

With out even listening to the words of Yuu, the girl instantly shot out of the cage,  attempting to flee.

However, she did not get very far as Yuu moved in front of the girl; still crouched down, ready to intercept her.

She never even made it the distance of a metre before she fell into Yuu’s embrace. He knew what he was about to do may seem weird. You should never under any circumstances hug a random child. However, at the same time, Yuu knew this was probably what she needed the most.

The girl went into a frenzy scratching, biting, punching. She tried everything to escape Yuu’s arms, however no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t. Yuu acted expressionlessly, he never even twitched. He just allowed the girl to vent out her frustrations on him.

Like this, 2 minutes passed. At this time, the bandits had probably finished looking for the source of the explosion and were coming back. Finally, the girl collapsed onto Yuu’s chest, crying as loudly as the day she was born.

「It’s okay…..shhh…」

Yuu was stroking the girls hair as he muttered soothing words, as if calming a baby. He had done this many times with his little sister when she was a toddler.

After 3 more minutes, the girl stifled her crying moving backwards slightly, staring upwards at Yuu. Likewise, Yuu stared downwards. What met him was a young child with black hair, but strangely enough, red eyes. Her pale white skin was almost flawless, aside from the numerous bruises. The expression of fear was no longer visible on her face, all that was left was an expression of affection.

This was the expected outcome. From what the middle aged man had said and from the girls behaviour, Yuu had suspected that her family had been killed in the bandit raid.

For a child as young as this, she needed her family. They provided a sense of safety for her.

After all, the world is scary. More so now than ever.

Because of this, Yuu resolved himself and decided to become the base from which the girl could feel most safe. He was initially hesitant. After all, he was likely going to travel a dangerous path, bringing a child along would practically be courting death.

However, the alternative was to either leave her here with the bandits, to experience a fate worse than death. Or abandon her outside the bandit camp, where she would either be recaptured or if she’s really unlucky, become food for a monster.

「My name’s Yuu, what’s yours?」


「Nice to meet you, Mika….we should probably—」

Before Yuu could even finish his sentence a loud bang sounded, as the door to the store house was forcibly kicked open.

The sounds of numerous boots could be heard stamping along the ground. Suddenly, a man became visible. He was middle aged with a long scar from his left eye to the right side of his lips. Behind him stood around 15 bandits, all armed with handguns; one even had a rifle.

He stared coldly at Mika who instantly began shivering in fear from within Yuu’s arms. He then threw a glance at Yuu before opening his mouth to speak.

「Well well…..looks like this storehouse has a rat infestation!!」


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  2. I get its for the excitement, but the MC should just die here. Who waits over fifteen minutes for bandits to return just to hug a child!? Knock her out and go! It’s like robbing a bank successful and waiting for the cops to show up. Heck, in reality they would have returned after five minutes and discovered him. Either the MC is stupid, or the author doesn’t grasp time or reality.


    • Yeah 15 minutes is a while. The only reason I can think that would support this would be that the child was not aware that the MC was trying to help her, so she felt she was fighting for her life. Therefore ten minutes would actually be too short, the only limiting factor was the child’s stamina (which in general is low for young children). So when she finally felt too exhausted to continue, she simply collapsed. Allowing all the pent up feelings to explode outwards at once.

      Not sure about what the bandits did during that quarter of an hour. Maybe they were searching the entire town and only just returned to the storehouse.

      Or maybe the middle aged guy was a complete dick and just waited outside until the child felt she was finally free, before crushing her dreams mwah ha ha!


    • Hey, Author here. I do indeed have absolutely no sense of time. I just finished this at like 2am and immediately sent it over to Chronon. 15 minutes seemed reasonable at the time it was written, but when it’s pointed out; I can see it may have been too long.

      I’ll ask Chronon if he’ll change it to 5 minutes or so. Regardless of the length of time, the outcome will always be the same. I just didn’t want it to seem like Mika was suddenly in a frenzy, yet calmed down almost instantly.


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