Heavenly Tribulation – Volume 1 Chapter 4

TLN: Hey guys o/ I’m still a little ill, but thank you all for your kind words! Luckily, this one was submitted by the author, so I don’t have to do any work, but publish it. I promise we’ll be back on schedule soon.

On a side note, we’re still looking for translators. I just need one or two more which will allow me to focus on the other series as well as the donated chapters.



Was all Yuu could think at that moment. He had been too caught up in the moment that he had completely forgotten about the bandits outside.

After all; throughout the days he spent hunting, he rarely communicated with any other humans. He had spent his time searching for his family and levelling up.

But now due to his negligence, he was completely surrounded.

「That was a nice show you put on for us. But we’ve grown tired of it」

The middle aged man said with a cynical smile.

Pushing Mika from his embrace he grabbed her hand ready to run. But where? Not only was he completely surrounded, but all the bandits surrounding him were armed with handguns, some even had rifles.

「Tell you what. If you give us your backpack, take of all your clothes and weapons, then hand them over to us. We might let you leave with one arm intact 」


Are they actually telling me to strip?

Was all Yuu could think about, as if he had completely misheard the “one arm” thing.

In reality, he wanted to run. But he knew he couldn’t. He was certainly fast, but compared to a bullet, it was like a tortoise trying to catch a hare. Not only that, but he had extra baggage as well; Mika.

He quickly reviewed what he had in his backpack in his mind:

  • 24 days worth of food and water
  • Metal wire (3m)
  • Change of clothes
  • Blanket (AN: Changed towel to blanket)
  • Smoke grenades (1)
  • Bottles of scotch (2)

It’s not enough……

The metal wire could probably be used offensively, the smoke grenades could be useful for support. But everything else is pretty much worthless…..unless……

Suddenly, a thought came to Yuu.

He didn’t necessarily have to fight them. After all, he only had a wire and some smoke grenades. Instead, he just had to secure an escape route.

He was planning to use his final smoke grenade, however he knew that even if he used it, his route would still be blocked off.

Therefore, he made a plan of action.

Thinking back to his time in school, he remembered that a magnetic field can be produced from an electric current in a coil of wire. However, in order to produce enough force for his plan, he would need to increase the current massively. This would in turn heat up the wires to the point where they might even melt!

But he was willing to take that risk, because when he weighed injury against death. He found that he would much rather be injured, than die.

「I understand…..just give me a minute….」

Letting go of Mika’s hand, Yuu slowly began to remove the items from his backpack; Food, water, blanket, clothes, scotch. Until he finally came to the wire and the smoke grenades. He first removed the ring from the smoke grenade whilst his hands were still inside the backpack. Then, whilst holding onto the safety clip; he removed it from the bag.

From the bandits perspective, it seemed as though he was just taking the grenade out normally. They did not suspect that he had already primed it.

Bursting into action, Yuu removed the safety clip from the smoke grenade. Without waiting for the bandits to react, he dragged Mika behind some wooden crates whilst grabbing the wire from the bag with his left hand.

He did not expect the crates to provide protection, he was merely hoping that losing sight of them would cause the bandits to hesitate, thus giving time for the grenade to explode.

As if on queue, the grenade exploded with a pishh~ as smoke filled the storehouse. In such an enclosed space; the effect was drastically multiplied.

「Cough Cough. That bastard! Kill him right now!!」


The middle aged man shouted to his subordinates as water filled his eyes.

Even Yuu’s eyes were tearing up as he wrapped the wire around his right arm. He left two pieces of wire pointing outwards. One of them, was pointing straight out down his arm; making it easy for his right hand to make contact with it. The other piece, was pointing to the side; allowing him to grab it with his left hand.

「Stay close!」

Yuu shouted to Mika who was coughing violently because of the smoke.

Rushing out with Mika in tail. He grabbed his katana on the floor and ran in a roundabout way to where he believed the exit to be. Since the smoke had obscured even his vision, it had become difficult to even discern direction. The bandits had already spread themselves out in the confusion.

As he ran forward, he noticed silhouettes in the smoke. They seemed to have noticed him as well.

「There he is! Open fire!」

The silhouettes began to raise their weapons; which appeared to be rifles, preparing to shoot. However, before they could. Yuu circulated the lightning in his body. His eyes shone with a white hue as he charged one of the pointed out wires negatively and the other positively.

He raised the current as much as he possibly could. The wire around his arm began to glow red hot, then white. A burning smell filled Yuu’s nostrils, however he ignored it as he raised his arm to the dark figures.

Suddenly, a massive repulsive force emanated from his arm. However, being a electromagnetic force it could only effect metal objects. Luckily, the bandits were using guns, else this method would never have worked.


As the force hit them, they suddenly screamed as their guns were ripped from their hands. However, that wasn’t all. Their guns just happened to be attached to their necks via a strap. Therefore, not only were their guns thrown away by the force, but so were they.

Grabbing Mika once more, he rushed towards the exit. Escaping through the doors and into the town.


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  2. Seiously? At first i thought this is chinese novel since it have “heavenly” title on it…
    But, i guess i was wrong huh, and i start to like this one…
    Btw, i noticed this novel doesn’t belong in your current project or teaser project, can you choose this as main project? Not that i’m complaining if you don’t, but this novel have some potential on it…
    Can i ask you how much the raw have?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The novel is cross Chinese/Japanese themed. It’s written by a friend of mine, but we decided to class it as a Japanese novel.

      As for the RAWs, it is written in English. My friend could write it in Japanese if he wanted to, but we decided it was pointless since I was going to host it here.

      Currently, he sends me a chapter a few times a week, but I spend some of the time posting other things. I usually use the novel as a “filler” when I run out of time to translate something else.

      If you enjoy it that much, I’ve been considering making a regular release schedule (which would make it a main project). I’ll try and see what I can do 😀

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      • Well, i like it… but i think you might want to ask your friend to create the jap version of it in syosetu since you have already submit this novel in NU…

        Well not that i’m complaining though…


      • What, he writes it in english and you are too lazy to put them in your site even then ? DO IT ! JUST DO IT ! 😀 seriously though, this looks better than the other ones for now so I think you really need to post every chapter he writes like instantly, not like it requires any work to be done on it anyway


    • Well he was completely surrounded, told to use by the line “But where? Not only was he completely surrounded,…”. So he couldn’t wall up to the side on a barn and cut it open.

      When the smoke bomb went off he was still surrounded and they all had guns. In order to not get shot, he had to use that electromagnet thing which we are told can cause injury.

      Maybe he was worried that if he ran to the side of the barn, using the magnet in the process. He might not have enough energy left to cut open the barn, therefore chose the riskier, yet higher success chance option.


  3. Keep up the good work, UN Chronon! By the way, I am liking how the main character has rescued someone of importance to this story. Just wondering, though; do you have any idea if any of the other heroines of this story are his age, close in age to him, or significantly older? Personally, I find loli characters to be quite a damper to the story unless they are the protagonist’s own child, lol.


    • I’ve been told there will be, it was tagged “Romance” in NU and the author stated he’s planning to add a heroine in. Still a few chapters of him in the “Starting City” though. Also, I never asked, but I’m speculating that the girl will become the protagonists “Adopted Daughter” because of the NU tags. I think he should have waited to put the tags up haha


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