Heavenly Tribulation – Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chronon: Sorry this took so long, the author noticed some mistakes in the chapters he sent me. So he’s sending me the corrections now. For those interested, I have read ahead and there is a heroine so no worries. Also, the progression of the story is quite slow, which I enjoy to be honest. Alot of the stories I upload progress too quickly due to them wanting to fit more exciting themes in, they miss alot of the scenes like this chapter portrays.

Moving on…..I can speak is out tomorrow 🙂


Having ran as fast as he possibly could for quite a while, the town was nothing more than a speck in the distance.

「Haa…We should be safe now」

Yuu said through bated breath, although he didn’t truly believe it himself. Those bandits were carrying many different types of guns, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had a scoped rifle that could hit both him and Mika from here.

Moreover, they would probably be looking for him. After all, their main profession is human trafficking and Yuu just stole their merchandise. Not only that, but he humiliated the leader of the bandits in front of his men, that type of indiscretion does not go away easily.

At the distance away from the town they currently were, it would take the bandits a fair while to find them. Furthermore, they had not idea which way Yuu and Mika had gone, since the smoke screen had covered their escape.

Because of Yuu spending his time thinking and Mika not having anything to contribute, the atmosphere had grown silent.


The silence was interrupted by a load rumbling sound emanating from Mika. As Yuu looked at her strangely, her face flushed bright red.

「Ah, you must be hungry. I wonder how long it’s been since you last ate?」


Mika’s response was timid; Whether it be because of the lack of food, or the embarrassment from making such a sound. She didn’t seem up to speaking just yet.

「Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Let me just get some…..」

— Shit!

Yuu swore inwardly as he reached inside his backpack. He had removed his 24 days of food and water in the storehouse when he was surrounded.

24 days of food and water was not something easy to come by. The majority of the food and water had been scavenged by the larger clans, the smaller clans were then forced to become vassals if they ever wanted a constant supply of food and water.

This did not mean that isolated smaller clans didn’t exist, but they were extremely rare.

Looking at Yuu’s hopeless expression, Mika face fell.

「It’s okay, I’m sure we’ll find some food soon」

However, it was not likely. From Yuu’s past memories, the nearest town was around 15 miles away.

Mika was already malnourished, making that journey would be troublesome. Not only that, but the chances of there being any food at all was low.

Yuu’s only hope right now appeared to be to sneak into the bandit town once more and steal back his supplies.

Slinging his backpack across his shoulders, he prepared to set off when —


— Yuu shouted suddenly. He had not been aware of it before, possibly due to the adrenaline rush, but his arm was throbbing with pain excessively.

Only when his arm caught on his backpack did he notice.

Looking down, he could see glazed scars from where the wire had burnt him. His ability to manipulate lightning had protected him from the electricity, however the heat produced could not be reduced.

At Yuu’s side, Mika was showing a worried expression. The whole incident had happened so fast, yet she was aware of a few things.

One, this man had saved her. Two, it was at the extent of his own life.

Knowing that he had injured himself saving her made her feel guilty, but at the same time, happy.

She was happy that there was someone willing to hurt themselves to save her, this was not at all like the village she was at before. Where people readily sold each other out for even a slight chance of survival.

However, Yuu did not know what Mika was thinking, as he was too pre-occupied with the pain.

Seemingly making up her mind, Mika approached Yuu.

「Ach……what’s wrong Mika? It doesn’t hurt that much, it’s just a scratch」

Ignoring Yuu’s words, Mika continued approaching whilst stretching out her hands.

Unsure of what to do, Yuu stood completely still.

Suddenly, Yuu felt a cold soothing sensation on his burns. This was not the feeling of cold water running across it, but the feeling of a cold compress.

It was Mika, she was using her hands to cool down Yuu’s burn. Because she had been locked in the storehouse, her body temperature had dropped. Therefore her hands were cold enough to feel soothing.

「Ah…thank you, Mika. Where did you learn about first aid?」

「….my mother….she always used to say you should treat burns with a cold compress if you don’t have water….」

Yuu could not help but feel amazed. Mika was fairly young, yet she knew just what to do in this situation.

Like this, several minutes passed. The atmosphere had once again grown silent, but it was not awkward. Yuu was focusing on the soothing feeling spreading across his arm and Mika was concentrating on covering the large area of his forearm with her small hands.

「I think it’s fine now Mika, thank you」


Mika nodded. As soon as she removed her hands, the throbbing sensation returned. But it was much milder this time.

「Now….Mika, we won’t be able to make it much farther without food and water. Sadly, I left all my provisions at the storehouse. I have no more food or water in my backpack……so I’m going to have to go back」

At Yuu’s words, Mika shot up seemingly alarmed, shaking her head from side to side rapidly.

「Don’t go, it’s dangerous!」

Grabbing Yuu’s arm tightly, she tried to prevent him from moving.


Yuu mumbled, whilst staring at Mika. Whether or not Mika wanted Yuu to go did not matter. If they did not get that food back, it was highly likely they would die.

He had already thought it through countless times in his head. The bandits would most likely be on high alert since their escape, which would make infiltration difficult.

However, the bandit leader probably sent out some men out to hunt him and Mika down. Therefore, the town would be less defended that before. It was the perfect time to strike.

「Mika, we don’t have a choice, but don’t worry. I’ll leave you somewhere safe until it’s over」

Yuu attempted some words of encouragement, but it only made Mika feel more depressed. She quickly lowered her arms with her head facing down. Seeming to quieten down.

Seeing her in that state, Yuu could do nothing but inwardly sigh.

「I won’t be going for a while yet anyway. If the bandits have set off looking for us by now, then I’ll have less chance of meeting them if I wait…..you should try and get some sleep」

Looking at some nearby ruins of what appeared to once be a gas station, Yuu directed Mika inside.

The entire roof of the station had been completely blown off, the walls were black and severely burnt. It seems as if there was an explosion here at some point.

Placing his Katana on the floor, he used his trench coat and backpack to construct a makeshift bed. Using the backpack as a pillow and the trench coat as a blanket.

「Sorry, this is the best I can do. You can wrap the coat around yourself and use the backpack as a pillow」

Mika nodded timidly as she began to lie down on the bed, wrapping the trench coat around her entire body, including her head. She still seemed depressed about Yuu going back to the town.

However, Yuu had no time to think about this. He had to prepare himself.

Grabbing his Katana off the ground, he moved to the back of the station.

Within minutes, all that could be heard was a crackling sound, accompanied by the sound of displacing air.


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