I bought a girl – Chapter 1

Chronon: This story is 3 years old on Syosetu, but I think it might become extremely adorable (Not sure, I only read up to chapter 3)
Basically, the guy gets some money and wants to buy a cute woman to work for him and look after him. However, when he hears about the circumstances of the slaves brought over here, he changes his mind and instead buys a little girl who had either lost her parents or who was abandoned. Then the entire story is their life together.
I can’t confirm it won’t get extremely dark later on (This is one of my biggest worries), but I just glanced at chapter 4 and it seems to be cute like I thought.
Sorry if the formatting is a little off, it looks fine in the editor :S
There is such a thing as a miracle in this world. For example, when your shoelace comes undone and you just happen to see it by chance and tie it again. Then at that point a bullet whizzes by your head, occupying the space where your head once was.
Another example is when the ground is slippery due to ice and a women falls over, flipping her skirt in front of your eyes.
Or for example, when a wrong number leads to a robber who has barricaded himself in his house. Then when he goes to answer the phone, the police storm in and arrest him.
There are various miracles. Like when you suddenly remember about that lottery ticket you’ve kept in your wallet all this time. Then, when you arrive at the bank and show the ticket, you are taken to a private room for some reason. At that point people start shouting 『Congratulations!』and they set up an account for you.
That’s how I, Masachika Takeda became a billionaire. (TLN: It’s written like this, but Masachika is his given name and Takeda is his family name)

On the way home, I was struck dumb by the number of digits, I’ve never seen this amount of money in a passbook before. To honest, I was pretty distracted walking back home. It was fortunate that I didn’t meet anybody. I decided to relax in a warm bath, I was slowly calming down. However, the more I calmed down, the more confused I got. I swung my hand across the surface of the water with a BashaBasha~. I noticed that my hands were trembling. Even when I get out of the bath, the shivering won’t stop. I once again look at the passbook that was in the living room. A figure of around 500,000,000 yen was written there. (TLN: In dollars that’s about 4.7 million)


I reconfirmed that it wasn’t a dream and I had actually won the lottery. For the time being, should I talk to someone about this? Well, I don’t really have a friend I want to talk to. Anyway, even if I did, they’d probably say 『Can I have some?』 or something like that.
If that’s the case, then family?…..no, that’s bad. I don’t really speak to them that much anyway, besides. This is my money. But is it okay not to consult someone about this?

「Well, I guess」

I can only think of one use for this money. I have a dream. To buy a cute housemaid like in those erotic manga. Living in the same house as a cute girl is my dream. Although it’s silly to think about, it’s a good dream.

「Well, it wouldn’t be so convenient to buy a girl….would it?」

After calming down again. I realise it’s stupid. I don’t have any other rich friends, so I don’t know how to buy a girl…..


I suddenly remembered something.

「Didn’t grandfather say he was a millionaire before?」

If I ask grandfather, he might know. No, I won’t ask him how to buy a girl in particular. I just thought it might be easier to talk with him about this than anyone else. I used to visit grandfather as a child. We used to play Shogi together. When I recall those memories now, he seemed to be living a somewhat rich life. Far from extravagant spending, it seemed like he used to spend a bit of money at a time.

One time, he bought an expensive, bitter tasting orange juice. Another time, he bought and expensive futon. He replaces his television once every 3 years. If he spends like that, he probably is a rich man. I made contact with grandfather and told him I was coming over tomorrow.

The next day, I met grandfather. It has been six months since we last met, yet he hasn’t changed at all. He seemed as healthy as ever as we had tea on the veranda. At his age of 80, it’s wonderful that he is still looking this well.

「Masachika. Long time no see」
「It has been a long time. I did come six months ago though?」
「Half a year is quite long for the elderly. I just have so much free time, day in, day out」
「What free time? Don’t you go for walks?」
「It’s wonderful to walk. I’ve already walked around that whole park over there, I even bought pan for lunch. That’s pretty much all the exercise I do」
「Well, it’s good to be healthy. I….have something to discuss, is now a good time?」
「Oh? What happened?」
「It might be best if we talk inside, if possible」
「…oh, ok」
「Thank you. Grandfather」


19 thoughts on “I bought a girl – Chapter 1

  1. Hmmm. I dunno about this one. I know one shouldn’t judge on a single chapter, but reading this, it kinda felt like the author was trying to fill space. Writing for the sake of filling space on the first chapter is never a good sign.


    • Fair enough, each to their own 🙂

      I think he was trying to get these first 3 chapters out of the way. Since they’re pretty bland until the slave is introduced. Then there’s 80-ish chapters of him living with the girl.


  2. turned into a billionaire having won five hundred million? i’m not sure how that works, but from the description of what the story will be like, i don’t really feel like looking into it. i think i’m just looking forward to the next chapter


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