I bought a girl – Chapter 10

Chronon: POV chapter from one of the students at the elementary school Ruri is going to.


The hot summer had ended. A transfer student had been announced, coming to my class at such a strange time.
Hiroto, in the same class as me seemed to have overheard it in the staff room and was currently raising a loud voice.

「Boy? or Girl?」

I was currently looking into the distance. Hiroto is pretty popular in my class. He began to approach me.

「Rei! I’ve heard that the transfer student is cute!」
「That’s good」

When Hiroto moves, everyone moves.
A circle has formed around me and Hiroto.

「What is it? Are you trying to look good?」
「I don’t try and look good. Hiroto is exaggerating」
「I’m not! I’m just excited about the transfer student!」

Hiroto isn’t a bad guy, but this tension is not good. Somehow I don’t know what to do.

「All right, everyone in your seats」

When the teacher opens the door and comes in, everyone returns to their seats.
Our home room teacher is Sakai-sensei, a young teacher who gets scary when angry.
Because everyone knows that, it’s interesting to see how fast people quieten down.

「Before we begin the morning. I’d like to introduce a new friend to everyone」
「Transfer student?」
「That’s right. Come on in Ruri」

A girl who seems quiet, came into the classroom.

「Ruri, would you like to greet everyone」
「Ah, yes」

Is she nervous?

「My name is Hasegawa Ruri. Thank you」

It was said in a low voice, but since the room was quiet, even I heard it in the back.

「I’m Takahashi Hiroto! My best regards!!」
「Yes. Try and get along with her, Hiroto」
「Leave it to me sensei!」
「Good. Then please take one of the back seats, Ruri」

After nodding her head. Hasegawa took a seat next to me.

「Hasegawa. My name is Hisashi Rei. Nice to meet you」
「…thank you」

After my self introduction, Hasegawa winces a bit, then politely thanks me.
I think she’s more polite than the other girls in my class.
After the morning class is over, I walk to Hasegawa’s seat, where a small crowd has gathered.

「Where did Hasegawa come from?」
「Favourite food?」
「Where do you live?」
「Do you have a favourite manga?」

Hiroto was bombarding Hasegawa with questions.
Hasegawa seems to be overwhelmed.
Hiroto doesn’t seem to be considering the feelings of the other person.
Since I’m his childhood friend, it’s my job to reel in Hiroto.

「Hiroto. Hasegawa is troubled」
「It’s because she’s anxious!」
「You won’t get any answers if you annoy her」
「I was bad. I’m sorry」
「I’m not angry」

Why does Hiroto always mistake my scolding as me being angry?
I’m not angry in particular.
Hiroto seems have left and is talking to other people now.
As if following him, the other people have moved as well.

「Thank you very much」
「Hiroto is sorry. Please don’t misunderstand. He’s not a bad guy」

I was thanked by Hasegawa.
She replies to me by nodding up and down. She is flipping through her textbook.
I think  it’s shyness.
At lunch, Hiroto was eating and sitting at my seat. Hasegawa seems to be eating by herself, whilst not talking to anybody.
At the end of the day, Hasegawa stood up and left the classroom. Everyone else did the same.

「Rei! Let’s go home together!」
「Let’s play games!」
「There’s lots of games at Hiroto’s house after all」
「It’s lots of fun!」

Today was the day the quiet transfer student Hasegawa, entered my class.


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