I bought a girl – Chapter 11

Chronon: Thanks to “Qianweijia” on the NU forums for helping me with that boiling water line.


When I got home. Ruri was in her usual spot, reading a text book.

「I’m home」
「Welcome back」
「How was school? Was it fun?」

Ruri nods.
That’s good. She didn’t get bullied on day one.
Because she isn’t good at speaking, I was feeling anxious. Now I’m relieved.

「How about the work? Did you understand it?」

Ruri nods again.
I’m surprised, it’s reasonable not to understand what you’re being taught.
I can help her with studying, not so much with human relations.
Whilst talking with Ruri, I started making rice.
The time is 7:00.
I wonder what the school environment is like for Ruri?
I don’t know, since she’s a child who never complains.
Since I don’t think I’ll get a satisfactory response, I should ask a little later.
Maybe in the future I should teach Ruri how to cook. It would help her if she wants to get married later on……wait, isn’t it too early? It’s too early to think of marriage, but sooner or later….no, I’ll stop thinking about it. I don’t want to think about it, Ruri getting a boyfriend. She’s pretty cute, I’m sure she could get a boyfriend or two. A boyfriend huh?

「Oh? What happened?」

Whilst lost in thought, I felt the hem of my clothes being pulled by Ruri.

「The water is boiling」
「Oh? I’m sorry」

I was busy thinking and didn’t notice.
I’m a foster parent now, I have to focus more and bring Ruri up right.
I throw some pasta into boiling water. Todays menu is pasta noodles with meat sauce and salad.
On the weekend, I’ll make something more steady. This is more appropriate for weekdays.
I’m sorry Ruri, just put up with this for now.
Because I’ve been living alone until now, I’m still following this menu. There’s not much in my refrigerator.
There’s butter, bitter orange juice, eggs, ginger and a tube of wasabi sauce. That’s all.
There’s curry roux in the cabinet in my kitchen, but I have no other materials to make it.
There’s a supermarket 10 minutes away by foot, I could have gone on my way back from work. Sorry Ruri.
I pour the sauce over the boiled pasta.

「Sorry to keep you waiting」

Pasta and salad are lined up on the table as the meal begins.

「Then, Itadakimasu」

We both put our hands together and say our thanks.
You eat the pasta noodles by winding it around your fork, Ruri seems to be trying to learn it by imitation.
Has she never eaten pasta before?
What have you been eating before I bought you?
Such thoughts passed through my head, but I decided to forget them.
I don’t want to know the sort of things Ruri has gone through so far.
Ruri’s life truly starts now.
So she should forget what’s happened before, her life will be better here.
I think it’s better not to think about such unnecessary things.
It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t think it’s necessary to think deeply about it.
That’s my resolution. Well, I say resolution, but isn’t it strange? When I’m bringing up Ruri, I’ll have to be careful about her past.
I solidified the feelings in my mind and stroked Ruri’s head.

「Is it good?」

Ruri nods, whilst eating the pasta with her fork.


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16 thoughts on “I bought a girl – Chapter 11

  1. This is one of the most heart warming stories I’ve ever read. PLEASE MOAAARRR!
    btw, does someone know how many chapters this story has ? and if it is ongoing or completed ?


    • 91 in the first volume. I think about 60 in the other one.

      First volume is called “I bought a girl” volume 2 is called “The girl became my daughter” and is set a little bit in the future. It was completed in 2013/14.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, that is nice. I hope you finish it because it looks like a great story, and I assume there is no tragedy tag or something bad attached to the story either so it will definitely be great seeing it to the end. let me just pray you don’t get tired of this story and keep translating it quickly xD

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         ヽ,_,,ノ”~´ ̄  ̄

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  3. Thanks for the chapter. Damn slow your roll Papa Wolf, there’s no one there to restrain you so you have to learn some self-control when it comes to your daughter’s future social life.


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