I bought a girl – Chapter 13

Chronon: Yanderes!!


Ever since I won the lottery, my life has changed a lot.
Ruri for one.
This is also my first experience of being stalked.
As I left school, I noticed the shadows of two female students following me.
It was Amano and Nakamura.
It’s already 6:30, most of the school clubs should be over.
When I think like that, they must be aiming for me.
In the beginning I didn’t notice them as they hung around the station.
Even when I take the subway, they seem to get off at the same stop.
This is bad, we’re getting close to my house. They might notice Ruri.
For now I turn the corner. They’re still following me.
I turn the next corner more quickly, the sounds of running could be heard.
I turn the previous corner again to take a look.


The two people who carried great momentum, collided with me.

「It’s painful」

Amano looked cheerful whilst on top of me, Nakamura still looked sluggish.

「Takeda-sensei. What are you doing in a place like this?」
「What are you guys doing?」
「Ah, we’ve been found out ☆」

Nakamura looked surprisingly calm, whilst gently hitting the back of Amano.

「Found out!?」
「Yeah, we were found out」
「We were……tailing you…..」

Huh? Are you experienced with this? Sensei is shocked…

「Such a thing. Why did you do it?」
「Not telling」
「Then, Nakamura. Answer」
「We were tailing you to find out where you live」
「Hey! You promised not to tell!」
「Since we’ve been found out, I’ll go home early」
「Well, since I’m already here. I’m going to sensei’s house!」
「It’s impossible. Go home」
「Idiot! Kaori!」(TLN: Nakamura Kaori)

Are these two friends?
The tension between the two seems high for some reason.
When I start to quietly move away, Nakamura throws a glance to me, whilst distracting Amano.


I was saved.
That was troublesome.
I’ll have to thank Nakamura next time.
I ran to the house straight away. Ruri must be hungry.
I arrived at the front door, took my keys out of my pocket, then unlock and open the door.

「I’m coming in!」
「Sorry for intruding」

Amano and Nakamura slipped by me into my house.
I didn’t notice them resuming their stalking.

「That? Who is that child?」
「AIIIE! So cute!!」

When I rushed inside. I saw Nakamura and Amano clinging to Ruri, who looked like she was about to burst into tears very soon.
….what do I do now?


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          iヽ       /ヽ
           | ゙ヽ、    /  ゙i
            |    ゙”─‐”’”   l
         ,/               ゙ヽ
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         i!     ●      ● ,l
         ゙i,,   *   (__人__)  ,/
          ヾ、,,          ,/
          /゙ “         ヽ
        /             i!
      (⌒i    丶  i   !   i!.,
        γ”⌒゙ヽ  l   l  γ’.ヽ
         i     i,__,,ノ   i,__,,ノ_,,丿
         ヽ,_,,ノ”~´ ̄  ̄

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