I bought a girl – Chapter 14

Amano and Nakamura were currently sitting across from me and Ruri.
Ruri is terrified and is hiding behind my back. If a stranger suddenly barged into your room and hugged you, you’d be pretty scared right?

「Takeda. Who is this child?」
「Ruri was entrusted to me by relatives」
「But you don’t look similar」
「I generally don’t resemble my family members」
「Could she be your illegitimate child?」
「If she were my illegitimate child, I would never introduce her to a student like you」
「Ehh! Takeda is cocky!」

Amano who says so, clings to Nakamura.
Nakamura tries to push away Amano, but she’s too strong.

「Oh…..Takeda. I won’t tell anyone, so please tell me the truth」

Nakamura seems to know I was lying.
High schoolers are scary. Especially ones like Nakamura.
Even so, I can’t answer truthfully.
What should I do?…

「For the time being, let’s go home today, we’re bothering them」
「What? What is it? Was Takeda lying to me!?」
「It’s fine, let’s go home already」
「But I want to know!」
「I’ll get angry if you don’t stop」
「….I’ll go back」

Amano, who got scolded by Nakamura. Stood up and went to the front door. Nakamura also follows suit. She’s like Amano’s guardian.
For the time being, I also go there.

「Takeda. Tell me now」
「Just put up with it for the time being」
「I’ll remember」
「Take care」

When the door closed, I felt an incredible tiredness. I unsteadily walked over to the table and sat down next to Ruri.
I get a little closer to her then hug her.

「I’m sorry. Were you surprised?」

Ruri shakes her head in disapproval.

「To think I’d be in trouble with the problem child in my class……Haaa, I hope they don’t say anything about Ruri tomorrow」

Ruri looked up at me as I thought out loud.
I removed my hands from her as she sat down next to me.

「Thank you very much」
「You don’t need to be so polite with me」

If people ask about the relationship between me and Ruri from now on, how should I answer?
If it’s an esper like Nakamura, she’ll be able to tell I’m lying.
About the parent and child thing. Since our last names are different, it would be difficult to reply like that….
Suddenly, the cell phone in my pocket rang.
It was grandfather.

『Masachika. Are you okay?』
「Fine, what’s wrong?」
『Nothing’s wrong. I heard from Owada-san that you bought a girl?』
『The large person you met at the slave dealers』
「The large person….oh, that man」

I had forgotten completely.

「I thought you were on holiday?」
『It’s because you don’t listen to me』
「Speak quickly, I’m a little busy」
『Noisy. Are you troubled? I’ll listen if you speak』
「There is a problem」
『What is it?』
「I don’t really know how to explain the relationship between me and Ruri」
『Ruri is it? A nice name』(TLN: Ruri’s name means Lapis Lazuli)
「I thought so too」
『Relationship….just say it’s a relative’s child that was entrusted to you』
「I already tried that」
『Well, you’ll just have to be more convincing』
「No way. Even if I say it, no-one will believe it」
『I think it would be fine if you kept saying it』
「Because you believe it?」
『That’s right』

I don’t understand what grandfather is saying any more.
However, before I was reluctant to『Buy a slave』
But now, I’m living quite happily with Ruri.
I may have to believe in grandfather again.

「What should I do?」
『Ok. Come round and bring Ruri』
「I will」
『Ho ho ho. I finally get to see my grandchild again. Then, good night』
「Yes. Good night」

I ended the call.
Ruri seems to have heard the call, but it doesn’t look like she understood the contents.
I stroked Ruri’s head and said.

「Shall I cook some rice tonight?」

To my words, she nodded.


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6 thoughts on “I bought a girl – Chapter 14

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    “To think I’d be in trouble with the problem child in my class……Haaa, I hope they don’t say anything about Ruri tomorrow”, shouldn’t the “child” here be switched to “children” since there’s two of them. Also you forgot to end your sentence with a period at the end.


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