I bought a girl – Chapter 16

Chronon: Translating…..

Sorry this took so long. Doing some revision and finishing some coding for my comp sci course.

You’re probably confused about this chapter. I was. I was so confused. I’ll post an explanation at the bottom.


After leaving grandfather’s, I went to my parent’s house by foot.
When I made contact with my mother and said『I’m coming over』She seemed excited and replied with a『I’ll be waiting』
It isn’t far to my parent’s house, you take the subway to the next stop, then it’s a 30 minute walk from there.
It might seem like an outing for Ruri, we still have another day off tomorrow as well.

「I’m home」
「Oh! Welcome back….」

When I entered the front door, I met mother.
Ruri was looking around curiously.

「Ruri, this is my mother. Please greet her」
「How do you do? My name is Ruri」
「Oh, how polite. I’m Masachika’s mother」

They bow their heads to each other.

「? This child?」
「….I’ll explain once we enter inside」

I decided to speak about Ruri today. I haven’t been this tense since I taught a class for the first time as a trainee teacher.
Before I left, Grandpa had told me to visit Mother and explain the lottery thing to her.
Dad is also in the living room. Well, it’s no surprise. It’s Saturday after all.
It was strange that mother seemed so excited to see Ruri. When she saw me looking at her, she lowered her head in a panic.
I sit side by side with Ruri on the L-shaped sofa. With mother and father on the other side.

「Masachika. Whose child is this?」
「I’ll say this first. She isn’t my illegitimate child」

I pointed that out to calm my mother.

「I’m surprised, wow」
「My heart almost went out of my stomach!」

What is this?

「I’ll start explaining now…..I’ve won a prize in the lottery」
「How much? About 100,000?」
「Oh about….500 million」
「…..500 million?」
「Point 5 billion, huh?」

It seems they’ve lost the ability to think properly.
Since it’t like this, I should explain Ruri now!

「So, I bought this child with the money」
「Can you even buy a person?」
「There is a place. Grandpa told me where to go」
「Father in law?」

The two people say in unison.
They really are a couple.
At that time, I heard the sound of someone coming downstairs as the living room door was opened.

「That? I didn’t notice you were here. Welcome back」
「Brother. I’m home」

It was my elder brother.
After Ruri greeted him, I explained the same thing again.

「You won the lottery! Give me some!」
「No. He doesn’t have to share it」
「So, did you buy this child from some orphanage?」
「Well…..sort of」
「I also thought that」
「Nn? Did you only come here to introduce this child?」


I began to explain the problem to my parents and brother.

「That’s how it is」
「It’s not a simple matter」

My mother says as she puts her hands together.

「Why not make her our illegitimate child?」

Dad was surprised by mother’s words.
She’s truly grandpa’s daughter. They think the same.

「Grandpa also said the same thing『Make her your illegitimate child』」
「Is it not ok to make her your illegitimate child?」
「Is it really ok? It seems unreasonable」
「It’s not. Look. In this household, our eldest daughter is in 5th grade and our eldest son is 24 years old.」(TLN: Don’t even know, having a small breakdown here)

Certainly. It wouldn’t be strange to have a sister.
It isn’t strange but…..

「But me and Ruri have different last names, what about that?」
「That’s why she’s an illegitimate child. It’s ok to have a different last name」
「….whose child will it be?」

My brother couldn’t help but interrupt.

「We’ll say I had her with a different man」
「…..father, say nothing. It’s useless」
「Even if you say that. Do you have anything you want to say father?」

My father’s eyes look distant. Sorry father.

「But, is it really okay Masachika?」
「What do you mean?」
「It’s a big responsibility to raise a child. Also, isn’t it too late to make her your illegitimate child?」
「The woman could have given birth in a place you didn’t know then said『Here’s your child』causing you to adopt her」

I’m a little impressed.
Well, the only thing I’ll lose is money. The burden will mostly be on me. (TLN: Not sure, I guess in child care stuff)
I don’t mind losing money.
It could become a problem if the school board finds out, so I’ll try and steer clear of them.

「Brother! Of course, brother!」
「So, you’re going to do that?」
「Indeed! Thank you brother!」

It’s more suitable that I go with this.

「Making up my mind was hard」
「Father looks happy though」

My mother seems sad that I chose this, father is breathing a sigh of relief.
If there’s one word that describes my older brother, it’s reliable.



Basically, his mother suggests that they make Ruri the illegitimate child of her and another man. This upsets the father, cause you know….

MC’s brother suggests they say that Ruri’s mother birthed the child without the MC knowing. Then told him it’s his and made him look after her. The MC accepts this idea making his mother sad (since she won’t get a daughter) and his father happy (cause he doesn’t have to live with the fake NTR thing)


Ruri is now the MC’s daughter.



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  1. Yeah was a little confusing there. No worries about the mis-que on the chronological order of release. Your busy and it happens. Well get over 😉


    • Thanks 🙂 I started translating this, but it really confused me, so I put it on hold. When I saw my page list it said chapter 16, so I assumed it was done.

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  3. The math is kinda… MC’s older brother would be 24 as they said he is the oldest son. Making the MC at the earliest 23… 23-9(Ruri’s age) = 14(MC’s age to knocked up a girl)… That uhhh… A very young age to get a girl knocked up… Not impossible, but damn being a player at 14…


  4. Though the tl notes made it clear in the end but i liked my version. I thought the big brother said he had her with another man which solicited the reaction from the father. 🙂


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