I bought a girl – Chapter 17

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This novel really helps to heal my soul after a day of intense stress.

The name Ruri is used 23 times in this chapter and the word cute is used 4 times :I

Not 100% sure if it makes sense, since it was slightly rushed. Anyway, enjoy!


After speaking back and forth about the details and promising to keep in frequent contact, I left my parents home with Ruri.
My house adopts an attitude of 『If the police aren’t involved, anything goes』so the matter of Ruri wasn’t made into a big deal.
It had been a long day today, it was 3:00pm by the time we set off home.
I spoke to Ruri who was sitting down next to me, being jostled around by the train.

「Thank you very much for today」

Ruri shook her head in disapproval whilst facing forward. (TLN: Basically saying, I didn’t do anything, so I don’t deserve thanks)
I wonder if it was a bother for her?

「As a thank you, let’s eat out somewhere」

Hearing those words, Ruri looked up at me.
She looks surprised.
What’s wrong?
As I showed a strange expression, she looked down as if she had done something bad.

「Is something wrong?」
「…..it’s wasteful」

When I say that, Ruri nods.
It’s not really a problem of money though, I have enough.

「How is it wasteful?」
「I should eat at home, it’s wasteful」
「Oh, it was that kind of thing」

Ruri felt that it was a waste if she ate out as well.

「This is our celebration, you know?」
「Yes, we should properly celebrate the fact that we are now living together」

Ruri tilts her head.
However, her usual facial expression does not change, the atmosphere is one of 『I don’t understand the meaning』
Ruri has only experienced 『Sorrow』 and a little bit of『Joy』 so far.
Recently, I feel as if the atmosphere around her is a little easier to read.
It may be slight, but I feel as if Ruri has changed.

「So, let’s go eat together」

Reluctantly, Ruri was invited to a luxury meal with me.
Even if I say that, it’s not that luxurious. It’s a family restaurant close by.

「My favourite dish should be somewhere here」

Ruri seems confused by the menu in the restaurant. So cute.
I rarely see Ruri from the front, as she’s usually sitting down next to me eating and watching television, so seeing Ruri from this angle is unusual.
Looking at her now, isn’t she far too cute?
If she had a little more charm, she would be very popular, but even so. She looks like a doll.
……this is parental love, right?
Best stop thinking about this. Yup.

「Is there any food Ruri doesn’t like?」

She shook her head slightly in disapproval.
Ruri has things she hates, as expected.

「What don’t you like?」
「….I don’t have anything I don’t like」
「It’s useless to lie」
「…..Green Peppers」(TLN: BIG thing in Japan where kids hate Green peppers)
「Green peppers, huh」
「I can eat them, but it’s difficult」
「I see, that’s a good effort」

Ruri, who thinks I am angry begins to wince.
At this, I smile a little, placing my hand on her head and gently stroking her.

「I’m not angry with Ruri. But you should tell me if there’s something you don’t like, ok?」
「Then, please. Decide what you want to eat」
「Anything will be fine」
「Dame. I want Ruri to decide what she want’s to eat today」(TLN: Dame -> You can take it to mean “No way” or “You can’t do that”)

Ruri showed a troubled face and began studying the menu intently.
Seeing her look at the menu so seriously, I can only call it cute.

「Have you decided?」
「……as long as it’s 500 yen anything’s good」

If it remains like this, Ruri might never decide. So I spoke up.

「How about a children’s lunch?」(TLN: This is the MC)
「Then, children’s lunch please」

I caved in. I couldn’t look at Ruri’s troubled face any longer, due to her cuteness, I lent a hand.
As she grows, I hope she becomes more selfish.
But if Ruri is happy, isn’t it fine? Fu fu fu.

「Have you decided?」(TLN: This is the waiter. They say the same thing)
「Children’s lunch, curry」

I said with a strong tone to the waiter.

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