I bought a girl – Chapter 19

Chronon: I’m back! With a short chapter to get back into things. I’m still on break, but I’m sorting out my translating schedule so it’ll take a while to get back into things.

Enjoy this content less chapter!



7:30 in the morning.
As I was preparing for the day ahead, the doorbell rang.
Hmm? I wonder who it could be this early in the morning?
As I think that, I unlock the door and open it.

「There he is!! Ohayo!!」

A loud and unexpected visitor.
Even though it’s difficult to see due to the morning sun, anyone could recognise this figure.

「Oh, Amano?」
「It’s Kyoko Amano!」(TLN: Not sure why she corrected him even though he was right -_-)

I could probably have recognised her from the voice alone.
Nakamura is next to her lowering her head.
I don’t really know what Amano is thinking…..I don’t think I want to know.

「So. What did you come here for?」
「Ehehe- I thought you’d want to try my side dishes, since you can’t cook」
「Side dishes?」
「Ah! I didn’t mean it like that!!」
「I know!!」

Amano put her hand into the plastic bag as I said so.
She handed over the food container and smiled happily.

「Thank you very much for receiving it」
「Same here, thank you very much」

As we lowered our heads to one another, Ruri, who was in the living room until now, walked towards the door and poked her head out.

「Ah! It’s Ruri-chan!」

When she saw the person visiting was Amano, she instantly ran behind me.
Do you really dislike Amano that much?

「Am…..am I being hated?….」

Amano murmured absently.
Nakamura who was behind Amano seemed to be holding back her laughter.

「It’s inevitable you’d be hated if you did what you did on the first meeting」
「But she’s a small child and so cute, I couldn’t help it」
「Well, it’s different in Ruri’s case anyway since she’s very shy」

She doesn’t seem to like excessive physical contact.
Yet, on their first meeting she was hugged and stroked and stroked, it’s no wonder the quiet Ruri-chan ran away in a hurry.
The compatibility between Amano and Ruri is just bad, it can’t be helped.

「Look, I have to go soon」
「Oh? Is there something on today?」
「Kyoko is on day duty today」

Amano is definitely noisy. There’s a fine line between being noisy and being energetic.
I think it’s wonderful to be so energetic in the morning, but it seems to annoy the neighbours. If anyone complains, I’ll have to obediently apologise for her.

「Ne Takeda, come with us」
「I’m fine. Bon voyage!」
「….What is it?」
「You look like a newly married couple」

As I saw Amano off, Ruri poked her head from behind my back.

「I’m sorry it was so noisy this morning」

Ruri shakes her head in disapproval.

「Amano is not a bad person either, so try to get along」

Ruri shows a difficult face before reluctantly nodding.
Do you really hate her that much?
Oh well.
I returned inside whilst urging Ruri to prepare.
I placed the tupper I got from Amano on the counter and opened it to discern it’s contents.


I involuntarily leaked my voice.
There was a great deal of curry, it was overflowing.
Wait, does she really think I can’t cook!?


Last paragraph. Since he received such a large amount of curry, it’s as if Amano wanted him to use it throughout the week since she believes he can’t cook.

Also that newly married couple thing. I guess it’s because he’s wishing her a safe journey. Which is sort of like what a husband or wife would do when their spouse leaves for work.

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  2. if you are like me and forgot who they were, Amano and Nakamura are the MC’s female students (chapters 12-14 they were introduced).


    • No your are not alone. This sort of invasion is a trigger for my mind yelling “Just say, no! What divine right do you claim to breach my sovereignty!”


  3. It might be nice if the translator included a note… ‘side dishes’ can also mean casual sex..

    But still love the story, very cute.


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