I bought a girl – Chapter 2

Chronon: Bear with these first 3 chapters for now. It doesn’t really get good until after chapter 3.

Also, thank for someone pointing this out. I don’t know why, but I translated it as millionaire, but wrote billionaire :S


I spoke to grandfather about winning the lottery and having a large sum of money.

「I see. This is very serious」
「No, it’s not that serious」
「Don’t you think it’s serious when you consider your future?」

It’s just as grandfather says.
If people hear about this, they may try to swindle the money off me.

「Well, that aside. What will you use the money for?」
「I haven’t really decided yet, but I think I might invest it into my dream」
「Yes, well…」
「What kind of dream is it?」
「No…I can’t really speak about this to grandfather…」
「It’s probably a filthy dream」
「Grandfather! Why would it be!?」

It was a lucky guess on grandfathers part.

「Well, I’ve thought about it calmly. I want to go to a store and play around with cute girls」(TLN: I think he means something like a brothel)
「You? That’s impossible. Ho ho ho」

….another lucky guess.
Anyway, I’m a hetare boy and I’m a completely herbivorous. I felt mortified that Grandfather had hit the mark so easily, then he begins to speak again.

「You’ve really grown up Masachika」
「What’s with that so suddenly?」
「Listen. There will always be poor homes and rich homes. The difference in society is clear. As time goes on, it gets crueller and crueller. People have to work to eat, yet there are no jobs. With that, the population decreases due to starvation. A long time ago, in order to prevent this, a wealthy man began using poor people as slaves. Instead of giving money, they give food. Even if there is no work, there is slavery. However, slavery is a lot crueller」(TLN: This was annoying to translate)

I was listening to grandfather patiently.
Grandpa seems to be talking about something in the past.
I always like listening to the stories grandpa tells.

「If that’s the case. Then since you have a large amount of money now, why not rescue a poor person?」
「I’m just saying that instead of using the money wastefully, why not use it for someone else?」
「No no. Even if you say that, are there even slaves in this era?」
「Cultures from the old days are often protected, even now」
「Is that right….」
「So there is even slaves」

I couldn’t believe such a thing was true.

「Oh, please wait a moment. What do you mean by slave? How does grandfather know about this?」
「A long time ago, when I was much richer. An acquaintance of mine told me about it」
「It’s just like a story out of an anime…」

I thought about what he said.
Isn’t it just like an anime storyline that I just happened to win the lottery as well? In that case, it’s a believable tale.
So I decided to believe grandfathers story, at least partly.

「….so where is the slave market?」
「It’s not really a market….more like a bar」
「Oh? Is it different?」
「Wait a moment」

As grandfather said so, he went into the next room.
As my family is Buddhist, there is an altar in the next room. Grandmother died 5 years ago due to complications with her health.
I think that grandmother became the driving force keeping grandfather alive and healthy for all these years.
When grandfather returned, he had a piece of paper in his hand.

「Go here. Say you have come by my introduction. Actually, do you want me to go with you?」
「I’ll go alone」
「You’ve grown to be quite the adult. Do you not need grandpa anymore?」
「I didn’t mean it like that」
「Ho ho ho. Since you may be looking for a cute bride, good luck」

Grandfather said so as he laughed.
I decided to go towards the location.


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