I bought a girl – Chapter 20

Chronon: Sorry for the long delay. Heatwave in the UK right now. My computer keeps crashing every 30 minutes from overheating -__- For those who don’t know, houses in the UK don’t come with air conditioning. It’s cooled down somewhat now.
New translator! Deathman254 will be translating upper world. He’s going to be busy soon, but he said he’s going to try and get the next chapter out soon.
This chapter’s weird and the author really messed the layout up. Basically it’s split between 2 P.O.V’s. I’ll separate them for ya.
I’ve been living with Ruri for a month now.
Since Ruri had begun to talk more to some degree, I decided to ask about her school life.

「How’s school recently?」

Whether or not she understood my question, she tilted her head to one side.

「Well…..did you make any friends?」

Ruri who said so seemed slightly happy.

「What are their names?」
「Hisashi Rei and Takahashi Hiroto-kun 」

What’s that?
A man….is it?
Ruri tilts her head to my mumble.


「Hasegawa-san would you become friends with me?」

When I said so whilst eating lunch, Hasegawa stopped her hand and had a marvellous expression.
Did I say such a strange thing?

「Well, if you don’t want to…..」
「I don’t hate it!」

Hasegawa said frantically.
I was surprised too.
Compared to other people it might be normal, but Hasegawa is usually so quiet, to raise a loud voice now. It may be the first time.

「Hisashi Rei」
「What happened?」

I was called out by Hiroto whilst eating.

「I have something serious to talk about」
「Serious…..is it something bad?」
「It’s not like that…」

I didn’t know what Hiroto would say, so I whispered into his ear.
After I finished mumbling, Hiroto sighed.

「So that’s what you were thinking Rei」
「Oh, hey Hasegawa」

When Hiroto called, Hasegawa winced.
It must be scary to be called out by Hiroto.

「Be friends with me too!」
「Even though Rei is ok, am I no good?」

Showing a surprised face, Hasegawa nodded.

「Ok. With this, I’m your friend too!」

At that, Hasegawa seemed to relax a little and no longer showed a fearful expression.
Hasegawa seems to have opened up a little recently, I’ve even seen her laugh a little before.
I think it was shyness previously, making her unable to start a conversation. However, we can talk to some degree now.

「My best regards for the future」
「Thank you」

To Hasegawa who said『Thank you』to my『Best regards』I couldn’t help but laugh.
Hasegawa who noticed her mistake instantly went red. 


Hasegawa winces to the voice of Hiroto.

「In such a situation you should say『My best regards, also』it’s strange to say thank you」
「Why is it strange?」
「Hiroto looks somewhat like a teacher」
「It’s usually what you say in such a situation. You can practice talking with me」
「I wish I could leave it at that. Hasegawa, Hiroto just wants to get closer to you」
「Baka! You! It’s the usual thing to say!」

He’s become shy and embarrassed.
Hiroto begins stuffing his face with food.
I look towards Hasegawa.

「I also want to get closer to you like Hiroto. My best regards in the future」
「Th…….same here, my best regards.」

I and Hiroto who heard this looked at one another and smiled.


So Ruri made 2 friends at once and one of them is a boy.
It seems necessary to see what he’s like this time.
He might be harmful for Ruri.
This only parental love. I’m only thinking of her well being!


Ruri was looking at me curiously.



17 thoughts on “I bought a girl – Chapter 20

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Not entirely weird, just showing how far his parental mindset is progressing toward protecting her from boys that only see her as a trophy. Course how young they are and in no way thinking in that direction (yet), just shows how a little over protective our MC is over his daughter. But you can never start to early warning girls of the danger of close contact with boys lol.


    • I meant weird as in 2 P.O.V’s with no divider between them. I had to pretty much guess where the MC’s part began and ended.

      But yeah, it’s nice to see him switch into that mindset. He might start becoming over protective though :O


      • Ah k I get ya, yeah the transition was awkward to say the least. It was like a flash back PoV but from the end of the paragraph before didn’t hint to the PoV transition well enough.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!! ❤

    And also, when it come to your child, and a cute one to boot, you will do everything in your power to protect her.. Just like a certain WN I just read (UchiMusume).. ^_^

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  3. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

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  4. What I don’t get is this part

    「Hasegawa-san would you become friends with me?」
    […] Ruri stopped her hand
    […] Hasegawa said frantically.

    I mean Hasegawa is her (his?) last name right? Why would he suddenly change between them?
    Or did I just forgot the reason mentioned earlier in the story? :<


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