I bought a girl – Chapter 21

Chronon: Short and sweet chapter to ease myself back in. Got the majority of my work sorted out now, so look forward to some chapters coming up this week.

I forgot who Akiyama was.

I should point out that the protagonist is not gay, probably. I mean I have read ahead, but you never know what happens that the author doesn’t write down.


Teacher’s lounge. Afternoon.
At this time, students are having their lunch in the classrooms.
In this room teacher’s eat their meals and prepare for afternoon classes.
I was doing the former along with the other teachers, who were currently eating a meal delivered by a restaurant. I didn’t feel like having a meal from a restaurant, so I was currently enjoying the pre-made boxed lunch I usually buy at a convenience store everyday.
I can’t function properly if I don’t eat this!
Without knowing the reason for my strange expression. Akiyama-san, whom was quietly slurping his soba, raised his voice.

「Takeda? Did something good happen?」
「Well you see. Ruri…..」
「The one who you were entrusted with?」

I forgot that I had told Akiyama-san about the fact that Ruri was entrusted to me by relatives.
Unexpectedly, Akiyama-san was easily convinced. He seems to be on Amano’s level, so I was saved. If it was on Nakamura’s level, to be honest, it would be dangerous.

「Did something happen with that child?」
「Is it important to be fashionable as a girl?」
「If it’s a girl. It’s necessary to dress up」
「So it’s as I expected」
「Has the child begun to dress up?」
「Well….did it seem like I meant that?」
「It was pretty obvious. What happened?」

Akiyama-san stopped eating his soba abruptly and turned to me.
I made up my mind and said.

「Ruri was wearing……..a hair clip」
「……….that’s it?」
「No, I don’t mean it like that. Wasn’t there anything else?」
「Isn’t that enough!」
「…….No.  It was my fault, sorry」

I got caught up in the conversation and shouted unconsciously.

「Is there a problem with hair ornaments?」
「I didn’t buy the hair ornament」
「In the morning she didn’t have anything in her hair, but when I got home, she was wearing the hair clip」
「Did she get it from school?」
「Maybe. Recently she said that she made some friends, maybe she got it from one of them」
「It’ll be good if she got it from a friend. It would serve to prove how well her school life is going」

Hearing his words, I couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

「Akiyama-san doesn’t seem to understand. One of her friends is a boy」
「…..no way…….are you jealous?…..」
「Am I not allowed to envy a school kid?」
「You’re definitely jealous」
「So what if the enemy is in elementary school? If she wanted one, I’d buy her hair clips as well. But it’s not about the hair clips,  it’s the fact that Ruri appreciates it」(TLN: Ok, I missed something out here. The basic idea is that Ruri is wearing a hair clip and appreciates it more than the stuff he’s given her……I think…..)

The disposable chopsticks I was using suddenly broke.
Akiyama-san gave me some replacement chopsticks, before returning to his soba.

「You don’t have to get angry」
「I’m not angry」
「You’re completely acting like a doting parent」
「…..it’s not like that. I just want Ruri to be happy」
「Doting parents say that. They’re the ones who would drink wine with their adult kids and say 『You were really cute back then』」
「And things like why aren’t you married yet? Hahaha!!」

『You can marry me right now!』I wanted to say, but I gave up on that. There’s a time and place for everything. It wouldn’t be appropriate in the teacher’s lounge.
Jokes aside. You did give me great advice.

「Even Ruri will one day thank you for bringing her up, won’t she? Even though she’s the child of a relative, the affection you show will stay with her. You just need to be more confident with yourself」

Placing his hand on my shoulders, he said so.
Seriously cool.
If I was a woman, I would shout『Hold me!』and cling to him.
Yoshi! In order to become more like Akiyama-sensei. I’ll treat Ruri with a more adult attitude!
Drinking sake with Ruri as an adult…..

「Oh? Does Ruri like alcohol?」
「….I don’t know」


Chronon: He’s gonna act less like a friend and more like a parent :O

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