I bought a girl – Chapter 22

After work.
Whilst walking down the underpass, heading towards the subway on my way home, I was accosted from behind.


Hearing a sudden voice from behind, I let out a strange sound.
Turning my head, I saw a familiar face.

「That was a strange sound」
「You would be surprised as well if you suddenly heard a voice from behind you」
「Yeah, sorry about that」

The kansai-born man with black rimmed glasses laughed.
This comedian was my friend, Nakao Kota.
He had changed to my school from Osaka during high school and we somehow got along. Even after graduating, we had kept in touch. You could say that he was my close friend.
This was our first face to face meeting in half a year.

「Long time no see」
「Yeah」 (TLN: He speaks with a kansai dialect which is difficult for me -_- so he says “Seyana” here)
「Your still as loud as ever」

Kota says as he laughs.

「Are you still a teacher?」
「What do you mean still? I’m a teacher」
「Yes. So you must enjoy spending all day with JK? If that’s the case, work becomes fun every day!」(TLN: JK is a term for female high school students in Japan who are paid to go on a walking date with older men. He’s saying that as the MC is a high school teacher, he experiences this all day for free)

I narrow my eyes at his exaggerated gestures.

「Shall we get a drink somewhere?」
「Oh I can’t. I have to go home straight away」
「What? Do you have an errand to run?」
「Errand, no. I’ve been entrusted with the child of a relative」
「Ah well」
「Huh. Masachika’s really become an adult…」
「Me and you are the same age though」

We both laugh.
Through the ticket gate, we set off home.

「How old’s the relative’s child?」
「Well……8 years old」
「8 years old!? Crime!」
「Stupid! Your voice is too loud!」
「Masachika’s was louder though….」

I really don’t need Kota’s shout of『Crime』to be heard near home.
The sight of me trying to soothe Kota, caused him to laugh again.
Kota was someone who was always laughing in the past.
Even if it was for trivial things. I don’t know if this is characteristic of people with Kansai blood or not.
I board the subway with Kota.

「Can I meet her?」
「It would be nice if I won’t be disliked」
「I’m not sure about Ruri, since she’s shy」
「Ruri hmmm….cute name, in the future she’ll become a beauty」
「She’s extremely shy. No-one has managed to become friends with her on their first meeting」
「I don’t like capture trouble…」
「Did you just say capture?」

Kota laughed whilst suppressing his voice.
As we arrive at the station, I prepare to get off.
Kota’s destination was one stop ahead.

「Ok then, I’ll be sure to keep in contact」
「I’ll be waiting」
I turn my back to Kota and get off the train. Leave the ticket station and go up the stairs.
I go through the exit onto ground level.

「Wow. This neighbourhood has changed a lot since I was last here」
「Well, I’m rarely here after all」
「Shall we go then」
「Yes of cou….wait what!?」
「Nice tsukkomi!」

Kota turned to me and raised his thumb.
I didn’t notice….I didn’t notice him walking behind me…
Lining up next to me, Kota walked alongside me.

「Why did you follow?」
「I want to see Ruri」
「I can judge that sigh as confirmation, right?」
「What kind of logic is that!?」
「As compensation, I’ll buy dinner」

Even if I declined now, he knows where I live. So there’s no guarantee he won’t follow.

「Fine. As long as the compensation is food, I won’t say no」
「Yatta! I can eat with Masachika after so long!」
「Did you really want to eat that much?」
「Well it doesn’t matter! The main event is Ruri! Ruri is waiting!」

At this rate, I won’t be able to stop Kota anyway.
Huh…..I’m starting to worry for Ruri.
I wonder if this is really ok…..

26 thoughts on “I bought a girl – Chapter 22

  1. Thanks for the translation, just 2 things

    1) “you’re still loud as ever” instead of “your still loud as ever”
    2) can you fix the untranslated part? 🙂


  2. I thought JK was short for joshikousei, which means high school girl. Enjo kosai is high school girl compensated dating I believe.


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