I bought a girl – Chapter 7

Chronon: Barely any Ruri in this chapter :O

I can speak is still out tonight. I just had some free time to kill, so decided to translate this.


Even though I had won the lottery, I had no intention to stop working.
If I destroyed my life’s rhythm any more, I think I’d live quite a depraved life.
So I was preparing to go to work today.
I get up, eat breakfast, then go to school.
That was my usual schedule.

「….good morning」

Whilst making breakfast, Ruri greeted me wearing the pink pyjamas she got yesterday.
Every since the crying incident, she’s been talking to me a little more.

「Ah, good morning. You need to get ready」

Ruri tilted her head the side, confused.

「Ah….I see」(TLN: For those confused, he forgot that he hadn’t enrolled her in school. He assumed she was already enrolled)

This year, Ruri should have gone to elementary school. However, she didn’t go.
She puts a cushion down near the table and sits on it. That place seems to have been reserved by her.

「That’s right….」
「 I’m staying at home」

I guess it can’t be helped.
She’ll have to stay at home today, I’ll try and contact some schools in the vicinity in my spare time.
Yes. I’ll do that.

「Then, can you stay at home?」

Ruri nods to my question.

「I’ll buy us some lunch later. Absolutely do not open the door for anyone other than me, ok?」

Ruri nods once again.
I think it’s ok, since she listens to me properly. However, I’m still worried. It’s pitiful to make such a small child look after the house for the entire day.
In which case, I’ll go home early today.

「Ok. Then let’s have breakfast」

We closed out hands together and said『Itadakimasu』
Ruri said it as well today. Such a good child.

「Good morning」
「Good morning」
「Ossu」(TLN: Informal version of “Hello”. I guess “Hi” is more appropriate)
「Good morning」

After exchanging greetings with the students in the hallway, I went to the staff room.
I work as a high school teacher. This is my 3rd year in the job, so I’m familiar with the work to some degree.
When I arrive at my seat in the staff room, I begin to think of Ruri.
It would be nice to get her into an elementary school nearby. Otherwise, a good academic one.

「You had a difficult expression, is something wrong?」
「Oh, Takatsu-sensei. Good morning」

Takatsu-sensei. A 27 year old female senior teacher.
She’s the most beautiful woman amongst the teachers. She’s really popular with the students as well. Especially the boys.

「Good morning. Are you worried about your lessons?」
「No. It was just a private thing. Ha ha」
「If you need help then please ask」
「Yes. I’ll be sure to speak up at that time」
「I’ll be waiting」

Takatsu-sensei hits my shoulder.
Whilst watching from the side, Akiyama-sensei speaks up.

「Takeda-sensei is as popular as ever」
「…..I have pain in my shoulder」
「You should be happy」

Akiyama-sensei. The so called『Bachelor』. A male teacher who turns 32 this year. It seems he likes Takatsu-sensei, so he’s envious of the attention I’m getting. However, he’s not a bad teacher and he’s good to joke around with. He often takes me out to drink with him.

「I’m interested in what you’re thinking」
「Is that true?」
「It’s a seniors business to deal with their juniors worries」

Is it really okay to ask Akiyama-sensei?

「A relative of mine is planning to move over here. So I need to find an elementary school for their daughter to transfer into」
「Huh. Isn’t that usually the parents job?」

The parent is me. I’m sorry.

「Oh, yes」
「Then, I’ll introduce you to a nearby elementary school teacher」
「Don’t worry about it」
「Thank you very much. I’m saved」
「I’ll tell you the contact information later」

As expected, he’s a senior I can depend on.
Akiyama-sensei is more reliable than Takatsu-sensei.
I participated in the morning assembly whilst thinking such a thing.

(TLN: Due to formatting, I missed a bit out. Basically he starts speaking about his man crush on Akiyama. Stating he would “make him his bride” as a joke.The last words has something to do with “crossing swords” ;-). For those interested, he is actually straight, but he has a major bromance) 

(TLN: The author note in the next chapter states that he’s going to increase the number of characters in each chapter. So we should be getting longer chapters soon)


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  2. Akiyama-sensei = Male teacher
    Takatsu-sensei = Female teacher

    … Somehow i have this feeling that their names is pretty opposite to their gender, i mean Akiyama is girly name, and Takatsu is manly name, or is it their family name?


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