I bought a girl – Chapter 8

Chronon: More! Mwah ahahaha! Still, I can speak tonight.


After the lessons at the end of the day were over, I was making preparations for tomorrow. Also, since the after-school meeting was over, I got to leave school immediately and go to the elementary school.
Mainly because Akiyama-sensei said『I’ll cover your half of the work』. He’s seriously cool.
I had called the school at break and was allowed a meeting today.
Because it was close to home, I decided to pick up Ruri along the way. I also wanted her health certificate.
After travelling past 2 stops on the subway, I arrived home.

「I’m home」

Opening the front door and saying『I’m home』. It’s a wonderful feeling after so long.
Looking around, the lights weren’t on.
There also wasn’t a 『Welcome back』
I thought Ruri had disappeared. So I took off my shoes and entered quickly.

「Ruri……are you sleeping?」

Ruri had her face on the table. Her breathing was like that of a sleeping person. Suu Suu~
She must have been tired from waiting, so she slept.
Her sleeping face was cute, I stroked her hair gently. The soft hair tickled the palm of my hand.


Oh. Ruri seems to be waking up.

「Good morning」
「Ah. Good morning….」
「You fell asleep」

When I said that, Ruri looked down quickly with a red face. Cute.
I didn’t think I would feel parental love towards this child so quickly.
Well she’s extremely cute. So it was inevitable.
I released my hand which was still stroking Ruri’s head.

「I’m going to the elementary school now. Do you want to go together?」
「Yes. Ruri is 9 years old, so she has to go to school」
「I can go?」
「Well, it would be best. Since this is the school Ruri is going to attend」

She had her head down for some reason.
Oh, did I say something strange?

「What’s wrong?」

Ruri most likely wanted to say something.
What could it be?
Elementary school….
Oh. Could it be, that? (TLN: From what I gather. Ruri wasn’t allowed to attend school whilst she was a slave. So school is like a privilege for her. She didn’t want to accept it, so he had to force her to accept it)

「Ruri, you need to go to school」
「This is a favour for me, please go to school」

Ruri, who initially seemed troubled. Nodded happily.
Seeing that smiling face, even I’m happy.
But I must still strive to make her even more happy.

I then went to the elementary school with Ruri.
Since it was late, there weren’t many students left.
We were greeted at the entrance and shown into the school office.

「Excuse me. Is is Sakai-sensei here?」

When I spoke the name of the teacher I talked to over the phone. Our guide nodded and we were taken to the adjoining staff room.

「Please wait a moment」

Even though she told us to wait a moment, almost immediately after she had left. A woman came walking down the stairs.

「Excuse me. Sorry to have kept you waiting」
「Not at at all. Thank you for your time, I believe we spoke over the phone」
「Same here. Thank you very much for coming. My name is Sakai-sensei…..oh?」
「Ah, I forgot to introduce this child」

Saying that, I placed my hand on Ruri’s back as Sakai-sensei crouched down in front of her.

「Hello. What’s your name?」

When she heard that, Ruri looked at my face with an anxious expression.

「Ah. It’s Ruri. Takeda Ruri」
「Ruri, is it? I’ll be your home room teacher in the future」

Ruri just lowered her head and grasped the hem of my clothes.
Hey shyness hadn’t been cured yet. However, she’s cute like this.

「Please excuse her. She’s just a little shy」
「Okay. Shall we go through the procedures now?」

Saying that, me and Ruri followed behind Sakai-sensei.
Ruri was looking around at the school building restlessly, whilst walking.


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  2. This WN isnt what i was expecting after reading it from Novelupdates but im glad its just cute and heart warming

    thank you for the translation it was a rally good read


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